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Over the years, the delivery has become an important function, particularly for online shoppers. Today, most shops offering e-commerce services increasingly concentrate on shipping orders to their clients in the shortest possible period, but often do not provide enough alternatives. In every online operation, the consumer needs to have a logistic experience that is lacking in many services provided by various e-commerce firms. Consumers are normally able to pay more for their deliveries if they have the luxury of choosing the type of delivery that best suits them. Consumers nowadays are the expectations that online retailers will provide them with convenient and personalized product delivery options that can suit their busy lifestyle needs. The increased number of customers calls for an effective delivery system regarding location and time alongside the delivery speed. In the present world, customers not only want to receive their orders within the shortest time but also want a delivery system that allows them to choose where they can receive their parcel. The current delivery systems are structured in a manner that a customer gets to choose the delivery to a collection point, such that they can pick up the parcel after work or when they are free. Offering customers with the option of picking up their orders at the collection centers is a great service but limit the comforts of online shopping. The solution to this problem would be to offer a delivery service that has several options. It is important for our customers to choose their own delivery time or location that will not inconvenience their busy schedules. For that reason, we have come up with a new delivery system, the in-fridge-delivery that would help our customers decide on when to receive their orders and at what time.

Grocery shopping can be time-consuming as it involves coming up with a shopping list, traveling to the store and browsing through apparently endless aisles to find what one wants to purchase. It is due to this reason that research has shown that more than 11 percent of 22,000 Americans consumers who were surveyed said that they do some of their grocery shopping online. Shopping online for your groceries helps save time. It eliminates the need to move from store to store to shop. Online shopping provides an individual the advantage of accessing a fully stocked store irrespective of their location and time. Opting to use in-fridge delivery process will save a customer the need to make trips to the store, hence saving them time and transport expenses. Moreover, studies indicate that grocery delivery services help in reducing carbon dioxide emissions as compared to when individuals go shopping themselves. The design of grocery stores is meant to increase the customer’s chances of impulse buying, which increases the grocery bill. However, through our in-fridge delivery service, one will not have to worry about extra budget due to impulse buying. Shopping online will provide our customers with an opportunity to click manufacturer’ coupons while shopping. One can select the coupons that correspond with the items in their virtual cart and could save more as compared to shopping at the store. Our organization provides our online shopping customers with easy access to online specials.

Customers are consistently looking for suppliers whom they can depend on and who deliver what they promise. The implementation of the new in-fridge delivery process will reduce the waiting time since most customers tend to lose patience for those companies that fail to deliver what they promise. Many suppliers are under consistent pressure, and some fail to meet the demands of their customers all the time. However, unlike other companies, our organization adequately understands our customers’ needs and always works to make sure that they are fulfilled. Our major concern is to have a time conscious process which is crucial for a customer-supplier relationship. The new delivery process will not keep our customers waiting hence improved customer satisfaction.

The new delivery system is similar to the present home delivery system. However, the order will be delivered to the customers home and unpacked to their fridge. We have noted that majority of our customers do not have time to go shopping for groceries due to their busy schedule, therefore with this new service they will have their groceries delivered to their homes even in their absentia. Once a customer orders for their groceries from the company’s website, they will later be sent out via a delivery driver. Upon reaching the clients delivery location, the delivery driver will check to confirm if anyone is home. If they do not get a response, the driver will be issued with a one-time use code that will grant them access to the house, where they will drop off the ordered packages. The homeowner pre-authorizes the unique code issued to the delivery agent. The customer is guaranteed of security even with their absentia by being to monitor the delivery process since the house will be fitted security cameras. The homeowner will be remotely monitor every single movement that the delivery agent makes in the house via the installed security cameras. Other security features that the customer, homeowner, will be required to install August app in their smartphones to help them in monitoring the delivery process as it takes place in real-time. Once the delivery process is complete and the agent leaves the house, the homeowner will receive a notification informing them that the door has been automatically locked.

Our company will form a partnership with August smart lock company. The company is well known for the production of smarter home access products and services. August specializes in the production of products that make life simpler, by making it possible for the physical environments to react or respond the user's behavior impeccably. Through the partnership with August Company, will be able to install the August Smart Lock. The smart lock is a new home access system that will allow a homeowner use their smartphone in place of traditional keys. Working with August will help guarantee the home safety of our customers since the company is working with other big companies such as Google Inc. August Home supports the Google Assistant on Google Home. Also, August Smart Lock won an award which makes it reliable and safe to be used by our customers. The busy schedules of our customers prevent them from being at home at the chosen delivery time. However, with the in-fridge home delivery service, our customers will have an option that would enable them to intervene in case of a first missed delivery. Customers will be able to plan delivery right to their house and have an opportunity to monitor the delivery process. The new service will not only offer our customers with a flexible service but will also contribute to a sustainable process: that is a guaranteed successful delivery right in their homes.

The potential digital channel for marketing for the in-fridge service will be electronic media. Using electronic media for marketing will provide the organization with an opportunity to combine different media such as graphics, text, sound image and video within a single message. The result of combining different media would be a significant communication channel designed to capture the attention of the target audience. The use of this marketing approach would engage the audience since it is a two-way communication. Transmitting and receiving a large amount of information quickly would be enhanced by using electronic media. The use of an easy and quick information delivering channel makes it easy to change public opinion and galvanizing communities. It is anticipated that electronic media will facilitate in changing the sources and depth of our customers’ knowledge level. Customers will be able to reach the organization and get assistance by using new forms of communication channels that they may have never used.

In a situation where the service will not sell initially as expected, the organization's research team will examine the relationship selling. A one-on-one relationship with customers will be developed with the aim of listening to their needs and making sure that their needs are satisfied. In some cases, customization will be necessary to meet their needs. Another approach that will be used to boost the sale of the service will be utilizing the power of the web. The organization will take advantage of the modern technology to reach a larger customer base and establish communication in unique ways. Low initial sales will necessitate the need to approach online sales differently than what could be done when dealing with the brick-and-motor shop. Due to the huge number of potential customers, it is impossible to establish and maintain a personal relationship with every single online buyer. However, the organization can focus on establishing customer relationships by coming up with a user-friendly website, which presents clear information and provides excellent customer service. Customers are urged to embrace the new delivery service since it is designed to improve their online shopping and home delivery experience. To order your groceries simply visit the organization's website and do your online shopping, remember to specify your location and time you want the delivery made. Our esteemed customers are required to contact our support team to be guided on how they will the security features installed in the respective homes before they can use the in-fridge delivery service.

In-fridge delivery service aims at helping online customers shopping for groceries have their products delivered to them irrespective of their busy schedule. The service aims at saving time and cost of shopping for groceries at the stores. When a customer orders online, their groceries will be delivered and unpacked into their fridge. Security is guaranteed through installed cameras that will help in monitoring the delivery process as it takes place in real-time. Homes will be fitted with August smart locks, which can be controlled through smartphones.

August 09, 2021

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