An Introduction to "Eveline"

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In "Eveline," James Joyce has created a classic story. This historical fiction is a masterpiece. It has everything to make it stand out, from its setting to its characters to its genre. Here's a quick overview of the story and its main characters. We'll also cover the story's Genre. If you've never read it, this is the best place to start. You'll learn about the story's characters and the setting, and get a clearer idea of how to analyze it.

James Joyce's short story "Eveline"

Eveline is a character in James Joyce's story, "Eveline." Her story is about her life in Dublin, Ireland. The story takes place during the middle of a period of great change. The world is changing and Eveline is forced to make difficult decisions. Eveline is indecisive and scared by the events of her life. She spends most of the story dwelling on her past.

Characters in the story

The main character of Eveline is a young woman, named "Eveline Hill." She works as a store clerk, houses her abusive father and acts as surrogate mother to her two siblings. Her life in Dublin is hard, and she is often overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caring for her father and the two children. But, when the unexpected happens, she's left with a dilemma: should she leave her husband? Or, should she stay in Dublin and work for herself?


While a character's setting is important, a novel's mood is also affected by it. The setting of Setting Eveline contributes to the character's internal and external perceptions. While the setting influences the story's mood, the real interest of the narrator lies in the character's change in perceptions. Setting Eveline effectively captures Eveline's voice and paralysis, while contributing to the overall mood of the novel.


The first chapter of Genre of Eveline introduces a character with whom Eveline is in love: her father, a drunkard who abuses his daughter and takes all her pay on weekends. Although her father doesn't explicitly abuse Eveline, he does make her life miserable. He beats her and stalks her through the playgrounds. He also abused Eveline sexually but never explicitly stated it. Despite this, Eveline still loves her father and misses him.


Eveline is a book with themes of love. Eveline feels the need to be with Frank but is trapped in the middle of her parents' violent relationship. This story highlights the reaction of people to change. She is in danger of losing her mother, but she is also afraid of her father's violence. In the book, she realizes that escaping her home is her only chance for a new life. Eveline themes encompass love, loss, hope, and loss.

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