Analysis and training

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In order to better clarify the development needs of the organization, COMPANY XYZ would like to consult with you (the training manager) to discuss the department's training criteria." Company XYZ requests that you complete the attached training review form prior to the meeting in order to add some structure to the session.

Your viewpoint on training growth opportunities, as well as the evidence you supply, will assist Company XYZ in further understanding your priorities and closing/supporting any competency gaps in your department.


a) The attached form can be completed by clicking in the box below each question and inserting your text.

Training Needs Analysis

Complete the following in a total of 1,050-to 1,400 words.

What is your training problem statement or objective?

What skills and knowledge are required to perform the work?

What are the measures of successful performance of the work?

Are people performing at the levels required?

Is there under-performance for specific groups of employees?

What are the causes of under-performance?

What training will help bridge the gap between the standards of performance needed and the actual performance?

Is there specific training that is needed in the training triad categories below?

Technical training

Business skills training

Business Skills training

Human skills training

What is the expected return on the investment (ROI)?

What does success look like?

Do you have a budget for the training development/course?

Any other relevant information?

November 09, 2022

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