Analysis of the film "Rabbit-Proof Fence."

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Analysis of the film "Rabbit-Proof Fence."
The film "Rabbit-Proof Fence," directed by Phillip Noyce, is a 2002 Australian classic based on a true story from author Doris Pilkington's book "Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence." The film's plot is based on the novel, and it revolves around three Aboriginal girls named Molly, Grace, and Daisy, who are attempting to flee Australian authorities. Two sisters and a nephew are related to each other. They're attempting to flee Moore River, a native settlement camp where such "half-caste" children are "re-educated." As house helpers, the girls are taught how to help and are prohibited from using any other language but English. The settlement camp where these girls are held is far away from their home which separates them from their relatives. The following discussion is an analysis of the movie and seeks to determine how symbolism has been utilized and its effectiveness.

Symbolism is the metaphorical use of an object to represent a whole lot of other objects or concepts. In this film, Phillip uses family as a symbol to indicate the importance of having a sense of belonging. The risk of escaping from Moore River was very high, and as Molly came to learn, nobody had ever succeeded before. But as she explained to her siblings she was determined to return them to the people who cared and loved them. The girls` willingness to risk suffering if their escape mission was unsuccessful symbolizes the strength of a family bond.

Another symbol in this film that has been exclusively embraced is that of a flying eagle. The eagle first appears to Molly and her mother at the beginning of the movie. Consequently, this eagle keeps appearing in Molly`s dreams after she was captured and taken to the camp. Dreams often portray the thoughts of our subconscious mind. Since Molly was very determined at escaping, this eagle can be understood to represent her hope of success. Additionally, as a symbol of hope, the eagle keeps appearing to the three girls after they escape.

There is a time along the way after the girls had managed to escape from the settlement camp that they seem overwhelmed and tired. In this scene, Molly is lying helplessly, and a closer shot of the camera is taken to which a reflection of the flying eagle is seen through her eyes. After seeing this eagle, Molly seems charged up and regains strength to continue with the rest of the journey. The eagle is also an embodiment of their hope to reaching home and meeting with their relatives since the eagle hovers around them as if showing them direction.

The ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ which is adopted as the title of the movie applies as a significant symbol in the film as well. Molly`s father who was a guard at the fence had talked to her about it and why it was built. When planning the escape, Molly knew about the fence and that it ran from the North to the South. Therefore, she was sure it would lead them back home. In this context, the ‘Rabbit fence’ symbolizes a map that would lead the girls back to their home. Hence, the existence of the wall is very significant to the escape mission of the girls.

In conclusion, the ‘Rabbit-Proof Fence movie is an eye-catching and intriguing movie, which I would recommend for any lover of a thriller. The storyline is easy to understand but very unpredictable to the end. Symbolism is exclusively employed and is effective in developing the storyline.

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