Animal Shelters

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Direct marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways for achieving marketing objectives in recent years. In order to develop the best direct marketing strategy for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), various questions were posed to persons who had visited the organization. Among the questions were: what is your opinion on the quality of services provided by the ASPCA? What changes do you think should be made to improve customer satisfaction? How did you become aware of this organization? How would you compare this organization's services to those of its competitors? The aim of asking this questions was basically to get an insight of how the organization operates.

The objective of this direct marketing plan is to establish name recognition within a period of nine months. ASPCA is a non-profit making organization with a primary aim of preventing cruelty to animals. Although this organization is leading in the United States in terms of service delivery, it requires being known across the country because its target customers are all people who feel animal rights should not be ignored

One way of establishing name recognition is through providing best services and creating public awareness concerning the services it offers. Establishing name recognition will make this organization realize its goals because being a non-making profit it does not seek to maximize its profit or sales, but to offer services in a manner which can make the society feel the importance of assisting it to attain its goals. All this cannot be attained without having proper name recognition because it must work with the society in order to succeed in its operations.

Based on the interviews I undertook, I realized that most of the people are not even aware of whether this organization exists. The major reason for this is because the organization does not use proper strategies to make the society become aware of its existence. Other responded said that although ASPCA has been the best in caring, undertaking rescue exercises, providing shelter for homeless and abused animals among other services, it needs to use proper strategies in order to become widely known across the country. The reason why these responded said ASPCA need to increase its popularity in different parts of the country is that they felt the rights of animals in every part of the country need to be protected.

Responded also stated that this organization positions itself as superior in animal rescue within the United States. ASPCA believes that it is the voice of animals and will always work to ensure it addresses the challenges which different animals face each day. ASPCA motto “we are their voice” influence people perception to believe that it offers the best services as compared to other organizations which offer similar services. The objective of positioning itself as the premier organization in providing this services is to make the society trust the services they offer, and also to see the reason why it should be in existence

ASPCA’s target customers are all people who believe that animals have the right to be treated in a good manner and those who are ready to provide information or report any form of animal abuse. Since its inception, this organization has been targeting every person who owns pets and knows the importance of caring for animals. It also targets all citizens who want the rights of animals to be respected. Being a non-profit making organization, ASPCA does not target customers with the aim of increasing revenue, but to help it attain its goals. The organizations work closely with all people who are willing to fight for the rights of animals and those who voluntarily dedicate some of their times to ensure animals are taken care of. In this direct marketing plan, the target customers will be any person willing to participate in taking care of animal rights.

The direct message will say “ASCPA is the best option in caring for animals rights. Tell your friend to tell a friend” This message will be vital in direct marketing for this organization in the fact that the main objective for conducting the activity is to establish name recognition. The message will be communicated to the target customers through social media because it is cheap and can influence many people within a short period of time.

Because this is a non-profit making organization, there will be no offers because nothing is being sold. Data collection during the exercise will be fundamental because it will assist in identifying the number of people who have seen the message. Because Facebook will be the primary social media which will be used in this exercise, the most important data will be the number of people will like the message or comment.

To build loyalty to the customers (people who assist in undertaking the task of preventing animal rights), there will be giving free t-shirts as a sign of making them feel appreciated by the management. This will be given based on the person who will like the post and comment with the word ASCPA. The reason for doing this is because the aim of the direct marketing is to increase name recognition and therefore commenting with this name will assist in meeting the goals.

In order to meet the desired goals in this activity, the specific channel of communication will be social media. The reason why this channel is most preferred is because the aim of this type of marketing will be to reach as many people as possible. In the recent years, many people have in one or more social media platforms and because this company targets every person interested in ensuring animal rights are not ignored, this channel will be the best.

Best on analysis, this marketing strategy will be successful through the use of social media approach because the aim is to establish name recognition through reaching as many people as possible. One of the reasons why the use of social media will be effective in this case is because research indicates that most people in America are in one or more social media platforms.

Measuring success in this marketing plan will be fundamental because it will assist in identifying if the desired goal for the activity has been achieved. In this case, success will be measured by identifying the number of people who have reacted to the message. If a person reacts in any post in social media platform, it means he or she has seen the message. Bearing in mind that the objective of this activity is to increase name recognition, reacting to the message will mean someone has known something concerning this organization.

May 02, 2023

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