Getting to Know Another Culture

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Learning about another culture

I have been fortunate to be with three UAE students in the same class over the past three months. You have come between your school and ours for an exchange programme. The four-month program was intended to share the ideas of our school participants and theirs on petroleum engineering. However, I was more curious about their culture and about how people communicate. As people of the opposite genres are overwhelmingly Muslim, the cultural and vocabulary of fundamental ingredients of every culture do not communicate openly in the case of our society. The diverse cultural backgrounds ultimately reflect the differences in heritage. For instance in English, white color exhibits purity and moral uprightness. Wearing white weddings in western culture shows the nobility of the event.  From my interactions, I have stated appreciating each person’s culture. Culture determines our identity and it is important that each person is able to follow the required values.

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Culture has offered me a different perspective of looking at the world and the way it has shaped us. Each person has a unique identity and value system dictated by the cultural background. I have been able to value each person even if we differ on our cultural believes. There are lots to learn from other cultures by appreciating customs and traditions of other people. Culture effects one’s believes and standards of behavior. Hence, learning other culture has helped me to deeply understand myself in that I now appreciate other cultures more and look forward to making friends with them. Understanding of other people’s culture is important aspect for bringing integrity among people across the world. This assignment has given me a better view of different societies and challenged me to appreciate the differences between different societies. It has also changed my understanding of my culture in that I am now awake to the fact that we have many values in common with the Muslims. We need to take our differences as the way God has uniquely created us. We should play different roles here on earth. I have made many friends worldwide even others we have not met but communicate online. I hope to learn more about their cultures as we continue chatting and hopefully meet some day.  The cultural differences are indication of our different potentials and future careers. It is necessary to learn important cultural artifacts and practices so as to ensure smooth interactions among different people. People need to regard their differences as natural treasure because they enable us to have a complete wholeness.

March 26, 2021

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