Applied Ethics as a Branch of Ethics

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Applied Ethics is a branch of ethics that deals with government, technology, careers, and personal life with moral issues, policy and practice. Applied ethics are used to direct people in any activity that affects people's everyday lives. The profession I plan to pursue is a medical career so that I can be a doctor. I read Dr. Benjamin Carson's works at a young age. That's why I want to be a doctor so I can write my good versions. I was wonderful at the miracles performed in operating theaters. However, I realized that doctors face many ethical dilemmas in their careers and for a doctor to be successful they should be able to choose the best choices when they face ethical dilemmas. The most intriguing ethical dilemma that all doctor’s encounters with their profession are euthanasia.

Since I aspire to pursue Bachelors in medicine euthanasia is the most controversial issues that I may face as a doctor. Euthanasia is a physician-assisted suicide. Every doctor faces this dilemma since it is a moral obligation for doctors to save lives and not end it. However, some incidences make some doctors consider performing euthanasia on patients. Euthanasia is performed in incidences where the eventual result of a sick person is dead, and an individual or family may feel it is important to end the life of a person that is terminal ill earlier instead of letting them suffer to death (Joel Dittmer, nd). Euthanasia is in three categories: Voluntary, involuntary and Non-voluntary. Involuntary Euthanasia, the individual suffering consent his death while in involuntary Euthanasia and individual do not consent his death, they are killed against their wishes (Nelson, & Nelson, 2014). However, in non-voluntary euthanasia an individual is unconscious, and they are not able to choose for themselves.

The best way to deal with Euthanasia as a doctor is to live Nature and God to take its course. The work of a doctor is to save patients and not kill patients. Doctors should embrace a notion that says “we treat and God heals.” After treating the patient’s doctors should let God or nature to take its course.


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October 26, 2021

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