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Art Explication

What is Art?

Art is many matters to a variety of people relying on individual perception. Fichner-Rathus explains that the definition of art requires perception which is based on personal knowledge. The emotional and mental knowledge of an individual influences the way they view art. Each piece of art contains a issue which embodies the ideas or themes in the piece of work. An remarkable aspect about art is texture which describes the feeling of smoothness or roughness of the floor of the piece of work. Art can evoke feelings which can also be used to describe the texture. Pattern is the ornamental design used in bringing out a variety of features.

In art, line and shape are used to bring about a feature that is perceivable and easy to define. Line and shape are related to “keeping something together within defined limits or boundaries (Fichner-Rathus 19). Line is characterized by length and width or the quality which describes its straightness or jaggedness. Lines are used to evoke emotions and create certain shapes. In the process of creating shape, lines bring about a feeling of space which is immensely important in creating a variety of perceptions. Line is used to create depth and texture.

Art also contains shape which is the area that art occupies that makes it easy to differentiate it from other objects (Fichner-Rathus 19). Shape can be positive or negative depending on the relationship that a figure has with the ground. With shape comes mass or weight and volume. Shape can be created using a combination of line, color and shadow. Color is used to bring a variety of aspects alive while shadow helps in accentuating the shape of the piece of work.

Work Cited

Fichner-Rathus, Lois. Understanding art, 11th edition. Chicago: Cengage, 2016. Print.

April 09, 2021


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