As a student, he was the best teacher I ever had.

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Teachers are supposed to teach students to be better people in their lives. A good teacher can motivate students to be imaginative and incisive. Students would be motivated to learn more if they are assertive. Students' interest in learning can increase if they are realistic. The paper investigates the characteristics of a successful teacher and how they influence the learning experience.

In many ways, my best teacher was motivational and empowering. He made certain that each student focused on what he was teaching. As a result, he offered benefits that boosted our class participation. By open dialogue, he enthusiastically inspired each pupil and appreciated everyone's abilities. He inspired each student to get involved in class work through group discussions and role-playing.

Moreover, the teacher was assertive in his teaching, which boosted our self-esteem. His confidence in the way he taught made us feel confident. Besides, he believed in proper social behavior as he established a discipline plan. Therefore, we acquired the expected behavior that contributed to our appreciation of discipline in learning and life. He supported our ability to model respect and trust by believing in us to recognize authority.

Also, the teacher used various teaching methods to make the content more interesting to us. He engaged us in practical learning to understand the connections between education and real life. As a result, we developed creative, incisive, and critical thinking. We learned to approach training as problem solvers rather than passive learners. As such, he made us feel confident and decisive in learning.

Conclusively, the paper has examined the traits of successful teachers and how they impact learning. Assertiveness allowed us to trust in him and the content delivered. Also, we learned better, when inspired through incentives. Practical teaching invoked creativity and incisiveness. Hence, my best teacher was assertive, inspiring, and practical which improved learnability.

November 03, 2022



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