As the dusk approached, trees appeared with the flowing river.

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As dusk advanced, trees and the rushing river emerged. Beck's face lit up with excitement, and he hurried off with his horse to the lakes, where he could relax and spend the night. During the night, the steppes frightened the child, and various noises from insects, birds, and animals came from all directions. Beck was astounded by how easily he could fail when he was alone in the steppes. Beck stroked his horse with a warm smile, which temporarily alleviated his depression.
He was startled to hear a rustle from the forest. Beck suddenly turned and caught the hands of someone hanging out of the leaves. He was amazed; a girl with a savage look and eyes sparkling like a tigress stood in front of him. She was dressed in unusual clothing. After a little moment, Beck tied her hands and tried to inquire the stranger who she is, receiving in response snorts. After an ineffectual interrogation of the stubborn rebel, Beck stretched out a piece of the bun to her mouth. She took bread by biting Beck’s finger. His gaze did not come off the stranger, studying her peculiar clothes and tattoos on her legs. The stranger was pitting and shivering so he covered her with a jacket and went to the horse. The eyebrows of a rebel, surprised by the kindness of a young man, softened.

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The night passed, and noise of the wagon wheels woke Bota. Leaning out, she noticed a troop in the distance and shuddered from fear. Looking at the youngster, she determinately ran to the carts. On hearing the noise, Beck got up and saw how the girl was seized in a cart. Beck woke up and quickly caught up the carts and clung to one of them. The girl, seeing Beck, tried to let him know that he has to go. However, Beck held the cart without realizing what was happening and he thought of how to get her out. The wagons arrived on the territory of another tribe, and Beck roughly grabbed Bota as they ran to the exit, but they were caught. After that, members of the tribe noticed that he was a son to Bolashak tribe’s chief from his pendant.

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