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Nordstrom, Inc. will be the target audience chosen. Nordstrom is a company specializing in the selling of luxury items, including clothes, shoes, men's and women's apparel and children's products. In reality, when the firm began, it was a shoe-selling business that later progressed and later incorporated a number of other items for its clients. The present scenario includes handbags, cosmetics, fragrances, and selected retailers, including wedding and home furnishing facilities. Overall, Nordstrom's key service is that they offer fashion merchandise and have now progressed to the global level. The target customers for Nordstrom is broad because it includes virtually anyone who is sensitive to fashion. The men are well served by the company because a broad range of fashion-related stuff that is specific to the men are included such as coats and jackets, sweaters, accessories, boots, and grooming and cologne products. The women are also a target group for Nordstrom because the company has products that are specific to ladies such as the clothing, handbags and wallets, accessories and designer wear packages. Most importantly, kids and babies are also targeted by Nordstrom from the range of boy and girl coats and jackets, baby gear and other essentials, baby and walker shoes, kids’ toys, kids’ special occasion wear among many other categories of products (Nordstrom).

It is especially important to note that despite having grown immensely over the years, Nordstrom is still in business and seeks to accomplish further goals. The success of the company as pertain its mandate of accomplishing its business objective is thus founded on the founding philosophy by the founder John W. Nordstrom. According to the forefather, Nordstrom was set to “offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality and value” (Nordstrom). From the assessment of the company mission statement, it is apparent that Nordstrom seeks to be a leader in the provision of outstanding service to its clients every day of its operation. Furthermore, it is stated that the institute seeks to cater for the needs of its employees because it is founded on the principle that focus is on the stakeholders that are involved in the business. It is thus highlighted that the goal is to make sure that the decisions reached within the facility are intended to serve the best interest of the customers and those who are serving the clients, in which case are the employees. It is also featured that Nordstrom sets to look into the market trends and discover the opportunities that arise in the process and work towards ensuring that the customers receive the most compelling products they could have desired.

Despite the successes that have been noted, Nordstrom is also faced by challenges on various scales. One of the most critical problems is that there have been dwindling shares over the years with a drop by about 32 percent over the past one year alone. It is also reported that by 2016, the net income reported by the company was way below what had been reported in 2012. The other challenge facing Nordstrom is the slow return-on-investment that is apparent with reference to the pouring of billion to expand Canada and New York City businesses (Gustafson). In both cases, the company is yet to realize profit especially considering the fact that sales have slowed down in recent years.

Assignment 2

I want to sell Michel Kors MK Handbags to Nordstrom. The product is part of fashion an offers to serve as a complimentary product to what Nordstrom in the sense that it seeks to serve as a personal statement of self-expression to the user. It is common to her people associate handbags to being classy and the MK types that I am selling serve to enable Nordstrom’s clients realize this goal. It is also important to outline the basic function of the MK handbags just as the other similar products in this category because it enables the customers to keep their personal stuff in private. It is especially important to women, and the MK handbags I intend to sell will act as pockets for the women population.

The MK handbags I am supplying will enable the client to realize the stated objectives because they are both classy and made from durable material. The silvery and gold finishes that are apparent from a superficial glance mean that the products will make the user feel the class that is associated with carrying the MK handbags. It is also important that the products I am supplying are made from the best fabric. While there are many different textures that are used in making the MK handbags, the most common material is leather because they are the most durable. Coupled with the fact that there are different sizes, the leather handbags complement the fashion that Nordstrom offers and will enable the client to realize the dream of class and quality in one setting. I, therefore, believe that the products I am supplying are key to ensuring that Nordstrom’s mission statement in the goal of customer satisfaction is achieved.

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August 09, 2021
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