Attack on Placid County EMS

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During an attack after vacating the building there is need to come up with strategies, which will help everyone be secure. In this office attack as the director of placid county EMS, I will do a number of things for the safety of the other workers as well as my own. One  of  the  things  I will do is  instructing  all the people  near  the scene  to put a  distance between themselves and  the active shooter. As they run or put that distance, I will guide them to move in small groups, zigzag direction and listen to the gunshots direction to prevent them from moving towards them. Moving in small groups or individually represents a small target, which they will not concentrate on and zigzag direction will reduce the chances of being shot as bullets travel in a straight direction. (Dabrowski, 70). I will also instruct them on the most safe secondary exit and location to head to. It will help in ensuring that most of the people are safe until the police bring the situation entirely under control. It will also assist in interviewing the witnesses. I will also direct the police on the safest area where they can counter the attackers. It is because they are vital in ending the attack hence they should be safe. (Blair, 34). When the situation cools down a bit, I will then come up and give a press release. It will assist in notifying the community on what is going on who will help deal with the challenge. (Cohen, 119)

Press Release

An Attack on Friday (Insert Date) in Placid County EMS Offices

The county EMS department strongly condemns today's attack of one of the workers in one of the offices. The attackers attacked the head bookkeeper. It  was  around lunch  hour  when  we  heard  gunshots  in  the  next  office and  my  secretary  came  screaming  in  my office  saying  that  they  were  coming from bookkeepers  office. After  a  while  we heard banging of  the  door  in  the  back  of  the  building  which  headed  to  the shop and parking  for  reserve  units was  banged. The  attack  happened  at the  lunch hour  when  I  was  just  in my  office,  my  secretary June  was around. The assistant bookkeeper had just gone out to pick her lunch as well as head bookkeeper’s lunch.

Immediately after we heard the shootings, we called dispatch and instructed them to send a medic unit as well as the placid burg PD. I then went to check the office after the shootings from the office had subsided. I saw a pair of legs lying on the floor and the rest of the body hidden by the desk. The office was in a mess. I found her with large wounds in her head as well as chest as well as inability to breathing. Apart from the body, I never got hold of any weapon. The police, as well as the medic unit, then arrived. The police officers done a thorough check of the other offices. The medic unit crew, in turn, examined the casualty. Different police units arrived, and the police sergeant asked everyone in the building to clear out. The shop mechanic and I helped the medic crew to carry the casualty out of the building so that she can get further treatment and to obey the police directive as they examine the building.

As per now, we have only found one person injured (the head bookkeeper). We are yet to establish other damages that have happened in the building apart from the messing of bookkeeper’s office. The root of the shooting has not yet been known, but once we know it, we will immediately notify you. We greatly thank the rescue team (the medic unit) and, the police officers for their quick response and their continued assistance in finding the underlying cause of the matter. We will thoroughly investigate the issue, and the attackers will face the law.

The access of the scene has right now been restricted as directed by police sergeant as they continue to investigate the area. The next update of the attack will soon be established after thorough investigations by the police, which might be in the evening at around 5 pm.

For more information call

(Contact name) Director of Placid county EMS

(Contact number)


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August 01, 2023

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