Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a brain disease or disorder characterized by persistent inattention or hyperactivity that interferes with the body's normal development and functioning. Inattention and impulsivity are two of the most common symptoms of ADHD. The majority of families and cultures have a negative attitude toward people who have a mental illness. However, ADHD has both positive and negative consequences in individuals, families, and social settings. The numerous impacts are depicted graphically below.
Pros and Cons of ADHD on a Person, Family, and Societal Level
Individually Beneficial Impact
Negative Effect
They are multi-talented individuals.
Anxiety and depression
Quick readers can understand concepts more quickly.
Poor listening skills/habits

High creativity/ innovativeness

Easily gets bored

Generate lots of thoughts and ideas

Educational disadvantages

They can fully concentrate on a single task at a time

Career Challenges


Increased family support to siblings (cohesion)

They can be bothersome at times

The person tends to offer too much information

Control challenges


Critical attention is required


Increased ideas/ solutions to a single problem

Reduced societal development

Establishment of more facilities to assist affected

Increased spending on ADHD welfare services






Explanation of the Diagram

The table above illustrates some of the impacts of ADHD as a form of disability to the individual, family and society at large. A discussion of some of the mentioned factors is detailed in the section below. Given that the condition has benefits as well as limitations, children and young adults with ADHD should not be discriminated against whatsoever by their families or even the society as a whole.

Discussion of the Impacts

ADHD creates both positive and negative impact to the person, family and community. To begin with, the person suffering from ADHD end up being multi-talented. Given the fact that their brain may be hyperactive, it is possible to make these persons become geniuses in various fields. This impact on the person makes them be able to tackle various situations without significant difficulties. The condition also makes some of the persons to be fast readers. Unlike ordinary children, those suffering from ADHD may exhibit fast reading tendencies, giving them the ability to complete coursework before the scheduled time.

Brain hyperactivity associated with ADHD creates an impact linked to creativity and innovativeness. The persons with this disability are able to generate original ideas and solve problems creatively. The society, despite viewing them as disabled, must appreciate the fact that some of them are able to develop constructive ideas on their own. ADHD also creates an impact of complete concentration on a single task at a time. Most people suffering from ADHD can only focus on one task at a time, but they will end up making it perfect.

Due to their condition, the persons may also realize negative impact of their condition such as depression and anxiety. As a result of the society’s view towards them, feelings of isolation and loneliness might crop in. consequent to this, most of their time is spent on depression moments. The condition also impacts in the form of poor listening skills in some cases. This majorly arises due to attention deficit. They may not fully focus at times and this leads to mixed attention. This eventually leads to academic and career challenges.

Families with children with this disability are also impacted on both positively and negatively. A family may come together with a view to making the disabled persons feel part of the entire social setting. In this case, all the members will show unity as a way of equally appreciating each member of the family. The member(s) with ADHD will then feel appreciated and belong to the group. Negative impact may also be seen in different perspectives. For example, the affected members may become bothersome at times. This generates chances of sibling rivalry since the remaining children may require equal attention from parents. The person often tends to offer too much information even in cases where details are not required. This is a negative impact to the family members since it makes progress difficult in cases where quick decisions are to be made.

Controlling persons with ADHD is an uphill task to the family members at times. In very severe cases, the members may realize difficulties in coping with the behaviors of the affected person. A close attention is needed to ensure that they do not indulge into risky behaviors that may lead to physical harm.

To the society, both positive and negative impacts still manifest in different forms. Given that this group of persons has the ability to creatively make up new ideas and develop them, the society stands a chance of possessing numerous solutions to a single challenge. Furthermore, the community will set up new facilities to assist the affected persons cope with real life situations. The facilities symbolize development in the community. On the negative, a society realizes low development trends with increased prevalence of ADHD. The more the persons with ADHD, especially in severe cases, the more the community suffers from underdevelopment. Finally, the society will spend more on ADHD facilities. Such spending affects other sectors of the economy negatively.

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