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In terms of safety, the aviation business is one of those that maintains high levels of security and orderliness. In this regard, management plays a critical function in sustaining the industry's essential measures. Effective implementation of management concepts results in success in terms of increased efficiency and profitability of an industry (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). The four primary managerial functions are the pillars on which any industry should be able to base its operations. Without the implementation of these fundamental functions, an industry's success or advancement grinds to a standstill. This paper aims at analysing the primary functions of management basing on the Safety Management System (SMS) as a key program applied in the aviation industry. Also, the chief roles of management; planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling in correlation to the SMS and its significance is unravelled. Therefore, the adoption of the Safety Management System is vital in attaining the four primary functions of management in any aviation industry.

Literature Review

Considering the management of aviation industry, it’s necessary to have the application of management theories for the smooth running of the industry. Management has a myriad benefits to any industry if properly adhered to. The four primary functions of management are necessary for the proper performance of the aviation industry and therefore it’s worth applying them (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). For instance, planning is the ability to ensure the objectives of the industry are achieved through laying strategies, steps, and executing them to achieve the desired goals. In this regard, the aviation industry through the Safety Management System plans the requirement, goals, and acquisition of all it takes to ensure safety of the industry is achieved. Proper planning demand a manager and a system who is consultative and identifying the areas to be worked on, it could be increasing or training the personnel who will handle the safety system, safety assurance and safety policy programs within the industry (Halford, 2016). This also entails acquiring the materials to be used for a particular period of time to aid the security of the system, this includes communication emergency equipment, emergency response equipment, risk prevention materials. In this regard, planning is vital for the success of the Safety Management System of the aviation industry.

In addition to that, organizing is the key concept that follows planning in management. When the plan has been laid, it takes an organizing function to get the plan executed. This involves channelling the human and financial resources to the system. The finance is distributed to ensure all the departments within an industry say for instance in the safety system. Furthermore, each personnel is allocated what to do and how much of the financial resource is required in that section. Organization is vital in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions of management especially in ensuring the industry layout and plan is efficiently followed to give good results. Without proper organization, consistency and timeliness will not be realized in an industry (Daft & Marcic, 2016).

Controlling is another key function of management. This is targeted at ensuring al the plan was followed and the industry is on the right track. In doing this, the analysis of the performance based on the objectives of the aviation industry in accordance to the safety management system is critically done. Also, the any key challenges encountered during execution of the plan are analysed so that the preventive and corrective measures required are put in place. In this regard, controlling is significant in safety management system so as to ensure the system actually operates and the any failures or recommendations can be fixed (Halford, 2016).

Also, coordination of the security management system is the one of the vital functions for it ensure that all the activities of an industry are well monitored and harmonized. When the team is properly coordinated, they work with high level of motivation and maximum discipline (Halford, 2016). In bid to do proper coordination, communication is one of the requirements of a leader especially in the SMS. Therefore, this must be applied in order to run the system through good relationship with the employees in the system.

Summary of the Security Management System

In the management of the aviation industry, the four primary functions of management operate hand in hand with the SMS. That is why proper planning of the SMS is required for prevention and eradication of the risks that may erupt unexpectedly. This plays a role in enabling the right personnel being placed in the right place as per their experience in the security system. Also, the organization role demands the arrangement of both financial and human manpower to fit in the laid plan in the SMS (Ortmeier, 2017). This is considering all the departments that make up the SMS without having any mess or unattended area in bid to attain the objective of the system. Coordination in the SMS is essential and applicable in making sure the security system personnel in various fields link up to ensure insecurity and risks are a mitigated successfully. In addition to that, controlling is key in laying and directing the resources in the right initial plan of the SMS.

Security Management Systems are the recent programs that have been introduced in the aviation industry. This is aimed at ensuring the security and the risk measures are prevented or eliminated at all (Martinelli & Milosevic, 2016). In most cases, accidents tend to dominate the aviation industry causing deaths and injuries of the clients. In this regard, SMS is the vital theory of management that is intended to be a rescue. There are a number of components that make up SMS; the safety policy, safety assurance, Safety Risk Management, and safety promotion. In the safety policy, the senior management plan, goals, requirements, and processes that help achieve safety are laid. Furthermore, the safety assurance helps evaluate the risks policy, its effectiveness, and identification of emerging risks (Martinelli & Milosevic, 2016). Safety Risk Management aids in determining the need for other new policies to boost the existing mechanisms laid. Finally, safety promotion is aimed at boosting the communication, cohesion, and proper training among the workers in the safety system. All in all, through the process of SMS, the correlation with the four primary functions of management is core.


It’s worth noting that, due to alarming rates of insecurity, risks, and accidents in the aviation industry, the use four primary functions of management and SMS will be helpful in mitigating the incidences. The recommendation that is vital for the aviation industry is to ensure proper application of the management theories to run and constantly update the security systems. The Security Management System is applied in aviation industry by ensuring the hazards to human life are reduced below the lowest level possible through proper security measures.


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May 24, 2023

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