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This paper describes the marketing goals of Neuro Charge, a student-oriented sports bar. Students will no longer need to go outside to have fun thanks to Neuro Charge. Neuro Charge has an establishment within the institution where students can eat and drink while watching athletic events. Numerous advantages are anticipated with Neuro Charge, including the development of jobs, cash, and providing students with more entertainment options. The drinks and food sold at the student bar will be the distinctive selling factors. The inclusion of drinks containing ginseng and caffeine is expected to appeal to a huge number of students. These ingredients in the drinks will appeal to students because of their impact on brain functioning. They will thus help students study better. In addition, in order to increase the varieties available to students, the drinks will come in three different flavors; peanut butter, mixed berry, and chocolate. The students will thus have a wide range of choices to select from. Below are the Marketing objectives of Neuro Charge:

Create Awareness on the Benefits of Ginseng and Caffeine

Neuro Charge aims to create awareness among students on the benefits of ginseng and caffeine on their brain functioning and consequently their studies. These two ingredients have been shown to stimulate the cells in the brain. They are also important in improving concentration as well as cognitive abilities. With other benefits such as stress reduction and mood improvement documented, it will be the aim of Neuro Charge to inform students about the importance of taking drinks with the ingredients. They will have to know that within the institution, they have a place where they can get a drink that will boost their studies. In this regards, therefore, Neuro Charge will create the awareness about these benefits in the form of posters and campaigns at functions at the institution. It is expected that when students learn about the benefits of drinks that will be sold at the bar, they will be impressed and will be customers of the business.

Have the Brand Recognized Outside the Institution

Apart from recognition inside among the students in the institution, Neuro Charge also aims to be known among the outside people including the community around. This is a long-term marketing objective of the bar, and it will depend to a great extent on the word of mouth promotion by the students in the institution. Therefore, Neuro Charge expects to have customers even from outside the institution after six months of operation. After the six months, benefits of having drinks from the bar would have spread enough to reach members of the community around. It is thus the long-term objective to sell to other customers other than the students.

Increase Sales by 30% within Three Months of Operation

It is important for a business to have objectives in regards to target sales. After starting operations, Neuro Charge plans to increase its sales by 30% after three months of operations. This is expected to be boosted by marketing campaigns applied by the bar. In addition, the benefits of the having the unique drinks from the bar are expected to be spread around the students with time. Students whose learning capabilities would have improved will inform other about their experience with the drinks offered by the bar. These developments will help the sale of the sports bar to increase by at least 30% after three months of operations.

Grow through Word of Mouth

Another marketing objective of Neuro Charge is to spread awareness through word of mouth. This will greatly depend on the quality of drinks and services that will be offered at the bar. Therefore, since Neuro Charge cannot use word of mouth directly to market, it will rely on satisfied students to spread awareness about the drinks at the sports bar to other potential customers. As such, the bar will have to offer exemplary services as well as an exquisite quality of drinks to the students.

Use Sports to Appeal to Students

The bar will also appeal to students through sports. This will be done through the showing of live games of students’ favorite teams. Neuro Charge will create an entertainment atmosphere through filling walls with sports celebrities and autographed jerseys and pictures. In addition, a number of team pictures will be put on the walls. It is expected that this will improve the sports atmosphere of the bar such that the students will feel like they have entered a stadium once in the establishment.


The establishment of Neuro Charge is expected to bring numerous benefits not only the students but also to the institution as well the community around. The ingredients of the drinks will be beneficial to the studies of the students. The bar will ensure the students are aware of this through marketing campaigns and spread of information through word of mouth. Other marketing objectives of Neuro Charge include increasing sales by 30% after three months in operation, building recognition outside the institution, and use of sports to appeal to students.

May 02, 2023

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