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A permeable class society ensures an increase in social mobility due to relationships between the various social groups within it. It also fosters close friendships and family relationships and reduces inter-class tension. Such a class system may, however, exacerbate the faults in the social institutions of society by reinforcing or extending unwanted habits among various groups. It may contribute to the deterioration of ideals when one class which have too much impact on the other because of the ease with which they associate (Wright 82-83). Status influences role behavior in the sense that individuals who have attained higher social status tend to have more influence on others than those who have low status. As argued by Kumar (298-299), individuals with high status in a group always assume leadership positions and are always idiosyncratic and variable in terms of how they behave. People with low status would be submissive, as they tend to conform to the norms required of them. On the other hand, status influences role perception in the sense that it makes people become very sensitive to their position in the organization, as individuals of high status would attach their status to factors like higher salaries and respect. Since individuals who have attained high status are always entrusted with significant responsibilities, they tend to be more dedicated and achievement oriented.

The advent of new technology and various methods of transport have made the world a global village where doing international business is easy. Due to globalization, international markets are increasingly becoming more complex day by day, hence making the work of managers and supervisors a very challenging one. As Adler, Nancy and Susan (53) argue, transnational business firms need globally competent managers due to the unique challenges that characterize international trade. Thus, managers need to learn about the foreign cultures, business trends, and tastes of the locals people in the host countries, along with other specialized skills.

Conflicts have varied effects in the decision-making process. They give room for new ideas that may have direct effects on the organization performance. Moreover, conflicts often force organizations to include their staff members in the decision-making process, which ensures that everyone participates in it. Furthermore, conflicts can as well teach managers some of the management skills that they did not have before, thereby enhancing their performance. However, conflicts can hinder the decision making process, thus reducing the quality of decisions made (De, Dreu and de Van 101-103).

The humanistic approaches to decision-making entail focusing on the problem as a whole as opposed to breaking it into its various parts. It is described as a rapid approach to making decisions (Sharples and Elcock 142). On the other hand, environmental decision-making approaches involve systematic inquiry into the issues at hand to understand their various components as well as the most appropriate ways through which they can be addressed (Dale and English 25).

A change in social values leads to various transformations at the workplace. Organizations are nowadays improving their workplace cultures as well as their involvement in the community, thus enabling them to enhance their employees’ experience. As argued by Chandrasekar (1), organizations with positive social values often realize improved performance. It is because employees tend to enjoy working in favorable environments and get motivated by various incentives and the opportunity to be heard. A positive work culture boosts employee morale, hence high productivity.

To handle an employee who shows personal problems at work, a manager should try to understand the problems so that he/she can determine their source and the best way to help the employee. As argued by Spector (72), personal problems usually have a negative impact on job satisfaction, job advancement and productivity as they can lead to one quitting the job or losing it altogether. The best strategy to identify people with personal problems at work is by conducting workplace assessments and seeking employee feedback through surveys. The resources for helping those affected can be evaluated through research, where every resource is examined based on its feasibility and effectiveness.

Sexual harassment is an offense that should not be allowed to exist in the workplace. It is negatively related to job advancement in the sense that victims are likely to leave work or lose the job when they fail to comply. It leads to reduced job satisfaction and productivity because it does not create a positive work environment (Geffner and Galasso 50).

A manager can notice the symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse in an employee if he/she shows withdrawal symptoms, inappropriate behavior, poor work relations, absenteeism, low morale and involvement in stealing. Substance abuse is negatively related to job satisfaction, advancement and productivity as it interferes with one’s dedication and can lead to job loss or one quitting the job (Anderson 1).

Changes in social values affect the workplace because it leads to the creation of work environments that are more democratic and flexible. It also ensures employee autonomy and mobility, hence boosting employee morale and performance. It is prudent to incorporate positive social values in the workplace to solve the issues that this problem may be causing because without it there can be a clash between employee expectations and the existing workplace culture. To improve employee morale and productivity, an employer needs to allow employees to make choices that positively affect their work life. Moreover, an organization should encourage career development and incorporate various employee incentives (Uddin, Rumana and Saad 65).

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