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Beloved: A novel by Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison's 1987 novel Beloved was written after the American Civil War. Margaret Garner, an African-American slave girl, motivates Morrison to create the novel. Margret escaped slavery in Kentucky in 1856 and went to Ohio, a free state. Sethe is a protagonist in the novel who escapes slavery to Cincinnati, Ohio. Sethe has 28 days of independence before her bosses track her down and bring her back across borders. Rather than allowing her daughter to be apprehended, Sethe murders her. Beloved, her daughter, returns to torment her in her house in Cincinnati, Ohio, years later. This is where the novel begins with an introduction about a ghost, which Morrison termed as full of baby’s venom and was spiteful.

Analysis of Beloved

In the book, stories unfold in an elusive and circular ways. The accounts make incomplete, and indirect allusions to the events gathered and enhanced in some parts of the novel. The novel transforms history into a compelling story. The book possesses the power to structure opinions and unveils social injustices that lead to making more wanting and relentless choices. Thus, the novelist wanders freely and avoids limiting her subjects to individual interactions or the artistic questions, which seem to be perpetual - although the author avoids economic and social implications of her words. The book exhibits a heightened level of meaning and sensations. Morrison understands what she requires and thus exploits all aspects of her subjects. She uses complex characters and contrasting dramatic stories. Morrison uses an evocative and graphic style, which does not veer much towards dialect. Finally, the reader is astonished by the cruelty and torture that the blacks suffered under the whites. These events represent plausibly the many horrors, which go unstated throughout the novel as well as the American History. Morrison depicts all slave sufferings and brutality from the whites with concrete expressiveness, which the reader believes to be truthful.


Morrison, Toni. Beloved. New York : Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2004.

October 07, 2021




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