Bend It Like Beckham Book Review

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Bend It Like Beckham is the latest book from renowned soccer player David Beckham. The title references Beckham's trademark skill: kicking the ball around obstacles and making it harder to track. It's also a metaphor for achieving life goals. The book explores the struggles of balancing the demands of family, love, and soccer. You'll also learn more about Beckham's relationship with Jess and Tony's homosexuality.

Jess' struggle to find a balance between family expectations and her passion for soccer

A young girl's passion for soccer and her desire to play in a team rivals her parents' expectations for her. As a younger sister of a traditional Indian family, Jess often feels compelled to choose between her family and her sport. However, her family surprises her and shows her that love is more important than tradition. But her passion for soccer is not the same as her older sister's, Pinky, who has a love of soccer.

Jess Dawson has a dual culture, as her Indian mother prepares food for the family. When her soccer team plays, she quickly changes into traditional Indian Sari dresses. The contrast between western style uniforms and traditional Indian attire is starkly demonstrated in her body language.

David Beckham's relationship with Jess

Although Jess Chastain has a poor understanding of British culture, she has heard about David Beckham and his relationship with Jess. She was introduced to Beckham through the racy underwear advertisements he does for H&M. She is a devoted soccer fan and dreams of becoming a top soccer player. Her parents encourage her to be strict and follow in the footsteps of her older sister Pinky, but she rebels against their expectations and plays soccer instead. David Beckham is her idol and she is eager to emulate him.

Jess comes from an Indian family in London. Her parents fled from Uganda and settled in England. Her father played cricket in Uganda but was shunned by local London cricket clubs. The family lives in a suburban home in Hounslow. Jess' father works at the Heathrow airport. Her mother wants her daughter to grow up to be an Indian housewife.

Tony's homosexuality

Jess and Tony are best friends. Jess's family doesn't accept Tony's homosexuality and she is terrified of disappointing them. Jess and Tony both feel like letting people know who they really are would be a big mistake. So they keep their true feelings hidden.

When Jess and Tony first meet, they quickly fall in love. Tony is supportive and kind throughout the movie. In fact, he even shows a sign of sensitivity towards Jess's dreams. But Tony never codes himself as gay. But it's still a taboo topic for many South Asians.

Beckham's gayness has influenced many football players, and it's difficult to find openly gay footballers in the game these days. But his example has given football fans an important step in embracing LGBT people.

The Magnus force

The Magnus force is a force that causes spherical objects to curve in the air when they are spun. It was first observed by Sir Isaac Newton, who published his first mathematical model of the dynamics of the universe in 1686. In his famous paper, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, Newton was unable to explain the curve of the ball using his three fundamental laws of motion. Later, Gustav Magnus studied the phenomenon to understand why the ball curves.

The Magnus force is similar to that of gravity, but in football it affects the direction of the ball. When Beckham kicks the ball, he kicks it slightly off-center, which causes the ball to bend. The Magnus force is related to the mass of the ball, the radius of the ball, and the velocity of the air.

The wake deflection force

A soccer ball's path is influenced by two forces: the Magnus force and the wake deflection force. The wake deflection force is caused by the turbulence of the air stream behind the ball. The wake is shifted to one side due to the spinning motion of the ball, which causes the air stream to push back on the ball. The two forces operate in the same direction, and together they help to create the curvature of free kicks.

Isaac Newton's first law of motion, "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction," holds true here. During a soccer game, the ball is deflected by the wake, which pushes it in the opposite direction. That pushes the ball sideways and away from the oncoming air stream. This enables Beckham to kick the soccer ball and evade defenders with ease.

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