Benefits from China and U.S. Military Working Together

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Military coordination between China and the United States has effectively contributed to the war against foreign terrorism typically brought on by al Qaeda-led violent extremist organizations (VEOs), which threaten Transregional Stability in parts of North Africa and the Middle East (Joint Chiefs of States 3). Joint military collaboration has stopped the distribution by North Korea of weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear weapons, as well as ballistic missile expertise. (Joint Chiefs of States 2), helps to come up with solutions to hotspot matters among different regions in the world, deal with international, crime and fighting the outbreak of natural calamities like the Hurricanes and epidemics.

The military relationship is working to strengthen the global networking for their allies and military partners. They are training ambassadors for Afghanistan, stifled military cooperation with African nations which is promoting stability as well as the association between states and regions in the world. There is a promotion of economic governance globally through the development of security to the trading activities in the Asia-pacific and collaboration with NATO partners in providing own defense. (Joint Chiefs of States 9).

The two countries are working to combat cybercrime in the world. For instance, they are jointly working to solve the issue of North Korea conducting cyber-attacks which caused severe damage to the U.S. Corporation (Joint Chiefs of States 2).

Civil authorities in the world enjoy support from the joint U.S. and China military ties during incidences of natural disasters. The collective army power joins hands with other public agencies to ensure that there is communication support, lifting services and good planning efforts from the trained military from the two countries (Joint Chiefs of States 12).

Military cooperation between China and the U.S. forester ethical leadership since the two countries protects and strengthens their military through ensuring to maintain respect for the military core values, appreciate all members of the society and promote accountability and connection to humanity. The core values help encourage quality military service in the world by condemning incidents such as sexual assault and preventing suicides (Joint Chiefs of States 15).

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September 21, 2021

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