Benefits of Teleworking

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From a personal perspective as an employee working within the department in which the manager is at a loss and in an indecisive position regarding the consideration to allow workers telework (working from home), I think what the manager is asking me to do is to provide her with “a proposal that supports the new teleworking arrangement.” It is indeed inarguable that the manager is at the state of uncertainty concerning whether teleworking will help improve the workers’ productivity or not if adopted. In this regard, it is imperative that the manager should be provided with comprehensive insights that will serve to settle her concerns. Therefore, the best way to do this is by conducting a detailed feasibility inquiry about some of the benefits of using teleworking compared to is disadvantages in organizational setting. Thereafter, based on the information obtained, I will write a proposal that seek to provide the manager with justifiable evidence why the use of teleworking will help to improve the productivity of the employees in her department.

It is doubtless that one of the reasons for considering the adoption of teleworking arrangement is the regard of its ability to provide convenience and favorable environment for efficient performance. Thus, the desire of any manager is that should teleworking be adopted, then, it should help improve the productivity of the employees. Even though many managers might have some reservations about the unexpected issues that might be experienced through the use of teleworking, the focus should always be on how to make it a success so that its benefits rather than pitfalls can be realized. In this context, some of the benefits that support the use of teleworking include the following. Teleworking arrangements are not only cost-effective and time-saving but also provide flexible work options that reduce turnover and improve morale since working from home is often eco-friendly (Hunton & Norman, 2015). Consequently, teleworking improves productivity, controlling for other economic rewards and pay. The reason being, workers are less likely to leave the organization as they are more satisfied with their jobs due to the achievement of a wok-life balance (Fonner & Roloff, 2010).


Fonner, K. L., & Roloff, M. E. (2010). Why teleworkers are more satisfied with their jobs than are office-based workers: When less contact is beneficial. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 38(4), 336-361.

Hunton, J. E., & Norman, C. S. (2015). The Impact of Alternative Telework Arrangements on Employees’ Commitment, motivation, turnover, and work efficiency: Insights from a Longitudinal Field Experiment (Retracted). Journal of Information Systems, 24(1), 67-90.

August 01, 2023

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