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History connects us to the past in profound ways that shape our future. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is the most lasting literary work, full of wisdom and achievement secrets. It offers perspectives that are important in today's world. His impressive career inspires the promotion of constructive political activity and influences the innovation of concepts of prosperity and virtue. The terms he spoke to his son include tools for self-made success as well as a blueprint of self-improvement for someone who is involved (Franklin, p.3). Franklin’s view of leadership reflects the message found in Matthew chapter 20:28 KJV which states that “whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you must be your slave”. His motivation to lead is based on ensuring that you meet the needs of others because true leadership is found in serving others (Franklin, p.92). Benjamin explains that in order to lead one has to contribute to the lives of others. In his projects, Franklin portrays civic duty like improving Philadelphia public library, an aspect to good (Franklin, p.60). We recognize his zeal for reforms, practical idealism and capacity to work and achieve a perfect world gradually. Franklin’s religious beliefs held in order for one’s service to be acceptable to God every individual should aim to be good to people first (Franklin, p.74).

Benjamin’s teachings explained of man’s immortality and how our conduct in the world would determine our next life (Franklin, p.57). Virtue and integrity are essential to enable a person to perform good deeds and help others. According to franklin (p.2) being industrial was barely enough to create success, practicing charity and helping their neighbor was the main attributes of success. Notably, Franklin rarely portrays a religious side but he gives thanks to God for his good fortune.

Franklin’s purpose throughout his entrepreneurial ventures was not to make a profit rather to provide quality goods and services for the society to flourish which entails the qualities of a good business venture (Franklin, p.24). First he failed to patent his inventions enabling every person to benefit from his scientific discoveries (Franklin, p.92). His autobiography states that “As we enjoy great advantages from the invention of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours, and this we should do freely and generously” (Franklin, p.92).In addition, he organized meetings with other tradesmen and artisans to discuss how to serve mankind and their country.

Today’s business people should adopt his character traits that he exhibits throughout his career in order to achieve the potential positive outcome. Franklin valued friendship with charismatic reliable business partners (Franklin, p.93).His qualities embodied the industrialization and dependability. He was honesty and ambitious which enabled him to gain the confidence of investors for his shop (Franklin, p.7). Franklin diligently worked all night making his business successful. According to the autobiography, Franklin would work past 11 pm sometimes staying the whole night and people grew proud of his increased effort, growing his reputation and luring more and more customers to his business (Franklin p.46).Franklin was a public relations expert with a good reputation. In his autobiography, Benjamin “took care not only to be in reality industrious and frugal but to avoid all appearances of the contrary (Franklin, p.50). His customers knew he was a credible man who value of networking so as to improve the community. He made valuable connections and viewed the product quality as a whole. Franklin invented the first political cartoon and novella illustrating that individuals should improve their surrounding world by enhancing the existing tools and creating new solutions. This will translate into business success through identifying market gaps.


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October 25, 2022

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