Black Swan Movie Analysis

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It seems the 2010 film Black Swan is about the struggle between good and evil, which is present in every person. About the sacrifice that everyone can make to achieve some goal, the fight between white and black. Indeed, quite often something like this happens to every person, in the film, this is shown very clearly and very sharply. The plot of the film shows how difficult the fate of the prima of the ballet theater is. Nina is the main character, who suddenly has a dangerous competitor. As the responsible day approaches, the rivalry intensifies, and the performance becomes the meaning of Nina's life. The following shows what a person is capable of for the sake of that great Glory.

Analysis and the Plot of the Film

The 2010 American drama thriller Black Swan lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes and is watched with great interest and tension. There is a drama, a thriller, and an interesting story in the picture. The director of this picture is Darren Aronofsky, on his account, there are a lot of good films that give the audience goosebumps, this is another of his masterpieces (Bradshaw). Essentially, this film is just about the torments of creativity the artist is going through.

The main character of the film, Nina, is a talented ballerina who dreams of becoming theater prima and dancing the part of Odette-Odile in the ballet Swan Lake. Nina has impeccable technique and beautiful plastique, she superbly performs the part of the white swan, but the production director Tom does not see the passion and sexuality of the black swan in her. And in order to awaken sexual energy in her, the director begins to provoke her, to manipulate her consciousness, inviting a bright and no less talented competitor as an understudy (Aronofsky). The idea of the film, thus, lies behind the apparent facts. The film is mainly about feelings in art, about the subconscious motives of people who are involved in it.

Black Swan is a movie with a double meaning. The surface is a ballet behind the scenes, hellish work up to blood and sweat, mutilated legs, the envy of rivals, stars that have worked their way out, "downed pilots,” in a word, a lot of what the yellow press and talk show regularly inform us about. Here is the "good girl, young prima Nina Sayers, in a white fluffy scarf, with big pink toys in her girl's bedroom. And everything in it is decent: the technique is impeccable, modest, and sweet (Bradshaw). An almost obvious idea of the movie is about the duality of art. In order to produce a beautiful piece or performance, an artist might need to walk a thorny path and even suffer a little.

The second meaning is rebirth, gaining wings. This, perhaps, is the ability to give yourself without a trace, the highest degree of sacrifice, when you yourself do not fully understand what you are doing, but you are doing everything right. Should I burn? You will not even ask anyone; you will make an auto-da-fé. Need to understand? You will go to the next level and become obsessed. You let yourself go so much that you cannot go back. And if you have only one way to realize yourself and release, you will not miss the chance, you will use it 200% (Bradshaw). Another point that the movie raises, thus, is the importance to make a complete effort to reach the goal.

The film is not for everyone, definitely, not everyone will be able to understand what is really happening with the heroine. The film is very heavy, but insanely bright, charismatic, and Tchaikovsky's music fascinates. Natalie Portman, as a ballerina, is simply gorgeous, Vincent Cassel is insanely charismatic, and the film also has Mila Kunis, a beautiful and wonderful actress (Bradshaw). Aronofsky's film has been reasonably regarded as one of the best of all times, receiving several awards immediately after its release.


The Black Swan is psychological, it touches on many topics that director Darren Aronofsky delicately lays out in a common mosaic. This is the theme of good and evil, different sides of the personality that are present in every person. And the fate of an artist might be very difficult when, in order to bring the role to perfection, one has to completely dissolve in it, while destroying themselves. The theme of fathers and children, when an authoritarian parent who abandoned his career for the sake of raising a child seeks to realize his unfulfilled dreams in a child. The theme of the "complex of an excellent student" is when a perfectionist seeks to bring any business to perfection. And if this does not work out, then a neurosis arises, dissatisfaction with oneself and others.

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