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Blogs are websites where a person or organization posts entries and offers directions to others of common interests. Blogs are a component of the "third generation." Blogs used in the early 1990s were restricted in terms of engagement because they were "third-generation" applications. However, in recent years, the blog has grown while stressing teamwork, growing user access, and community building. One of the questions raised by the blogs is whether it leads to social capital development, which is regarded as critical to economic performance; it also plays a role in avoiding social consequences such as substance addiction. Early studies establish a good relationship between social capital and the internet. However, adverse effects have been seen in the related concerns. The empirical data indicate that internet serves the role of balancing the stimulus to promote political engagement. The other concern not addressed is whether the social software facilitates and encourages public involvement in its changes. The internal log of blog software is considered regarding the socioeconomic impacts since the networks can potentially fail. Other concerns that remains unaddressed about blog software range from a power outage in a specific area to threats such as war and terrorism which affects communications infrastructure.


Flew T. and Smith R. (2008) “Blogs as participatory media and social software” pp.

108–112 in the LEAP textbook (Chapter 5).

November 03, 2022


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