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It is said that to be a successful reader, one should be able not only to read between the lines but also to write between the lines (Adler 250). It's the most effective way to learn since one can communicate with words and grasp the various meanings being communicated. This topic can be discussed in several ways as many people have different opinions about how to be a better reader. Some argue that writing notes on the book is a smart thing, while others argue that it is false. Here, however, the question arises as to whether it is okay to write a note on one's book. Adler (250), believes that it is absolutely necessary to scribble notes when reading the material on the book. He argues that book reading should be an active thing that keeps your awake and challenges one's mind, therefore, the person is always thinking (Adler 250). Hence, when one is thinking, the thoughts are expressed either through written words or spoken words, for convenience, writing is preferred method. Adler, thus, believes writing scribbled notes on the book will help one to remember the thought that intrigued their mind when they were reading and the thoughts of the author. Similarly, Sue Eden believes that taking separates notes will help in understanding and the learning process when one reads a book (Eden 01). Though, in the similarity of their thinking, Sue believes that any scribbling or marking on a book should be done on exceptional books that have invited the reader to write on them. For example, there are books that have vital inscriptions that have curly patterned and framed space that allow writers to add notes on the books. Therefore, both Adler and Sue believe that taking notes while reading helps the reader to grasp the content and concept of the books. Thus, both of them believe that note writing is a crucial activity when reading books.

Adler and Sue believe in different methods of writing notes when reading a book. Alder considers writing on a book as an indispensable activity when reading. He believes that one should be able to write or scribble on the margins of the margins of the book, underlining the major points, circling of keywords and use of stars since writing is active. He believes reading is a two-way operation since it is a conversation between the reader and the author. This is because Adler believes that reading is not only an activity to pass time but also be able to raise fundamental questions about ideas and concepts that are discussed in the book. Hence one knows that they have effectively read a book when the pages of the books are filled with one's notes and scribbles. Adler argues that the physical activity of writing with one’s hand brings words and sentences more sharply in one's mind and preserves them better in one's memory for remembrance (Adler 255). One the other hand, Sue Eden is against writing, marking or scribbling on the books. This is because she believes that scribbling on books is a cardinal sin that should not be even considered since it defaces and disfigures the books. She also believes that books should be preserved for future readers conveniences. Sue is open minded and subscribes to different methods of writing short notes about the book without disfiguring or defacing the books (Eden 01). She equates writing on the books as using crayons on a wall or Jam on one's jumper (Eden). She advocates for writing notes that are separate, not on the book but on a different place. This is because taking separate notes will help in the learning process rather than scanning a whole book for annotations. She prefers the use of sticker notes rather than permanent notes on the book which might deface the book (Eden 01). Since sticker notes have movable glue, it encourages flexibility in movement and therefore preserves the books by ensuring that they are neat and clean. Sue also recommended the use of electronic books since one can make notes without defacing the original texts (Eden 01). Therefore, this would be convenient for both those who agree on note writing on the books and those who do not subscribe to the notion of note writing and scribbling on the book.

In conclusion, note writing is highly recommended when reading books both for reviewing and pleasure. Hence it is crucial to develop creative note writing habits that do not deface the book or might inconvenient another reader.

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October 12, 2022

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