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The novel Howards End is considered one of Forster's masterpieces. Published in 1910, it explores social conventions and codes of conduct in turn-of-the-century England. As a result, it is widely considered one of the best works of English literature. The book is about love and relationships and has been considered a classic by many critics.

Leonard Bast

Leonard Bast at Howard's End is the story of a poor man, a former peasant, who becomes an illegitimate child and inherits England. However, Forster makes it clear through his character, Margaret, that this solution is not of eternal significance. It is only temporary, and the author makes ominous remarks about war and the impending threat of Germany.

This satirical characterization of Bast in Howard's End is not without its flaws. Although Forster acknowledges the Aristotelian tradition in his analysis of the character, he uses terms like flat and round to describe these types of characters. A 'type' character is a one-dimensional character, without any complexity or individuality. Forster has drawn criticism for some of his characters in Howard's End, particularly for the character of Bast. Forster uses Bast as a convenient device to explore social issues, but his absence in the story threatens to undermine the illusion created by the narrative.

Henry Wilcox

Margaret is the only person in the family who truly appreciates Howards End, and yet Henry is an opinionated and decisive character. Her affection for Ruth is a constant reminder that she is the real power in the family dynamics, and she often tries to sway Henry's decisions. This makes the relationship between Henry and Margaret a complex one.

This is a novel about class. It is set in London and centers around the families of the wealthy capitalist Wilcoxes and the wealthy Schlegal siblings. The story focuses on the relationship between the two families, and Howards End plays an important role in illustrating this.

Dolly Wilcox

Dolly Wilcox is the pretty wife of Charles Wilcox. She is prone to saying the wrong things and is often pregnant. She also has a rocky marriage with her nephew, Percy Cahill. In Dolly Wilcox at Howard's End, she accidentally reveals to Margaret that Mrs. Wilcox wanted to leave the house to her. The irony of Dolly's revelation is not lost on her.

Dolly is sweet and foolish, always putting her foot in her mouth. After spending time in Charles's cell, she grows up a bit. In Dolly's story, Mrs. Wilcox gave her the house on Ducie Street and now she is in a difficult situation.

Margaret Wilcox

Howards End is a historical novel by British novelist Margaret Wilcox. The novel follows Margaret Schlegel Wilcox's return to the titular country house, which has been vacant since the first Mrs. Wilcox died. Now the house serves as a warehouse for the Schlegels' accumulated possessions. As the housekeeper Miss Avery, she works to restructure the interior of the house based on the memories Margaret has of the place.

The Schlegel sisters are a radical group of women who are opposed to the Wilcoxes. Their presence in the novel makes them a strong force against the Wilcoxes. However, Margaret is the one who can bring them together and help them overcome their differences.

The Schlegels

The Schlegels at Howard's End is a story of the Schlegels and the Wilcoxes. Helen, a young woman, visits the Wilcoxes at their country house, where she becomes enamored with the younger son, Paul. The two become engaged in haste, but end up breaking off the engagement by mutual consent.

After Helen returns to England, Margaret grows concerned and tries to dissuade her older sister from marrying Henry. She considers Henry's character at odds with her own. Nonetheless, Margaret agrees to marry Henry, which will upset the children of the Wilcox family. In the meantime, Charles worries about his inheritance, and the sisters are trying to gain control of Howards End.

The Schlegels at Howard's End is a novel about two families and the social class that underlies both. The Schlegel family is idealistic and cosmopolitan, while the Wilcox family is conservative and businesslike. The Schlegels are the idealistic family, while the Wilcox family represents the practical, traditional, and conservative side of the English upper classes.

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