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Guy Montag, the main protagonist

Guy Montag, the main protagonist, was narrated by Bradbury. His wife, Mildred, Captain Beatty, and Professor Faber are all included in the book (Bradbury 64). These characters resided in the fictional world of America, which serves as the novel's primary setting.

The Role of Technology and Ignorance in Society

The world was so fascinated with computers that books had no role in their lives (Conor 408). They relied on the media to provide all of the facts they needed. Books were never part of the school system, and those caught reading them were imprisoned. People in society were ignorant as a result of this mentality. The technology was the cause of the state deciding that its people were not to read books. As a result, many people thought that books were useless and they did not feel it was necessary for them at that time because of advances in technology (Milburn 2).

The Importance of Reading and Montag's Actions

However, there were few individuals like Montag, who knew the benefits of reading books as he saved some of them from being burnt. He also memorized the information in the books. In that story, Bradbury intended to teach his readers lessons and give them, a wake-up call to think about what happened in the society at that time and in the future (Bradbury 65).

Prophesy of Censorship and Technological Obsession

Through the novel, He also prophesied what will happen in the modern society where censorship will be applied by the ruling governments and technology will take over the minds of people in the community and make them obsessed.

October 20, 2022

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