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This is a fantastic piece

This is a fantastic piece, Bradley, as it clearly explains the necessity and value of having a consistent channel image, which greatly benefits the brand's image.

Every company's marketing channels significantly increase its efficacy

Every company's marketing channels significantly increase its efficacy while also establishing its recognizability, which is one of its most valuable assets. Customers see a company's packaging in advertising and can instantly know the brand. Of course, this enhances a company's competitive advantage. Customers will start to recognize things as superior when they are believed to be of high quality and when they start to see a product with such an image being sold in a store like Calvin Klein. For instance, the post notes that customer cannot equate items that are sold in discount shops or stores with those that appear top-notch due to their quality and image. If a company's channel and brand images are in line, it sells highly.

Further, it is clear from the post that channel images impact brand image

Further, it is clear from the post that channel images impact brand image which in return lead to a noticeable influence on the organization's channel performance. As such, corporations need to have clear channel images that contribute to their marketing strategies, and in turn, survivability garnered from the way distributors reflect the image of the business operations and products offered. At the same time, if the distribution channels do not reflect the brand image, this present a considerable threat to the vertical business integration. As such, it is undeniable that firms such as Nike are obliged to rely on strict measures and policies because they know that distribution can damage their reputation easily. The post meets the assignment criterion as it outlines all the fundamentals of having channels images being consistent with the brand of the organization.


Staff, M., (2010). Multichannel Marketing: Keeping the brand consistent - Multichannel Merchant. Multichannel Merchant. Retrieved 6 January 2017, from

March 02, 2023

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