Branded Entertainment and Advertainment

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Advertainment and Branded Entertainment

Advertainment is a form of media that combines elements of advertising and entertainment so that it can promote products or brands. On the other hand, branded entertainment is the use of a branded product or service in a particular form of entertainment to promote the product or service. In advertainment, the specific type of entertainment is created to primarily promote a product or brand, whereas, branded entertainment focuses on product or brand placement for a particular entertainment such as a movie or a song. Both branded entertainment and advertainment use forms of entertainment to promote a particular brand or product. The target audience for advertainment and branded entertainment is the viewers who will watch the particular form of entertainment.

Aviation Product Placement in Movies

Many sectors have been using branded entertainment to promote their products and brands through entertainment forms such as movies. The aviation sector has also not been left behind; aviation product placement has been on the rise in the recent past. One product placement example which is related to the aviation industry is the use of the use of the Turkish Airlines in the movie "Batman v Superman". This move by the Turkish Airlines is meant to promote the operations of the airliner in the United States and among the audience who will watch the movie. The movie is fantastical; the are mystical places which are used in the film. In the film, the Turkish Airlines introduces new flights into these regions such as Gotham. The film also depicts the high-quality services that are offered by the Turkish Airlines. The routes that the company operates can also be seen in the movie. Through such a promotion, through this showcase, the brand is promoted to the viewers of the movie.

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