Brink Report of Texas

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The record reviews the current social, health, and economic repute of Texas. The most startling aspect of the report is the presented healthcare and group of workers figures which reveal that the indicators of growth are under the national average. According to the workforce report, Texas is rated the 10th in unemployment rate; this is very excessive signifying that most of the people in the region are not employed. It is additionally revealed that there is lowest earning rates with the area being ranked 44th. There is also high (8th) income hole between the rich and the poor, a phenomenon that has always contributed to the rising poverty levels in many countries. Another shocking fact in the workforce report is the fact that the percentage of adults who have access to internet is very low (39th percentile).

The reported workforce content is shocking as it places Texas among areas with the poorest employment conditions. This creates an interesting dilemma since it is questionable as to why the population of the region continues to increase over time with more than 4.5 million streaming in to Texas in the last decade. In case there was poor working areas and lower wages s noted in the report, there ought to be a rise of immigration of individuals to other states for better employment standards. In the State, there are four additional congresses while California, which seems superior in terms of development, does not have any additional congressional seats. This statistics is, thus, contrary to the notion that most migration to different states would be influenced by favorable employment conditions and better pay.

Another development indicator statistics that is shocking in the report is the healthcare. The report shows that there are low numbers of physicians in the state to provide adequate healthcare services. The current rate of physicians stands at 162 per 100,000 populations which is below the national average rate of 198 per 100,000 people. Similarly, the number of registered nurses to serve the state is also as low as 633 which are below the national average of 798. This means that the needs of the people in most hospitals cannot be met due to the low number of healthcare workers. It is also unfortunate that the state records high obesity rates as it ranks top 5 of “fattest cities” in the country. The current obesity rate of America is 34.8; this means that although Texas records high “fat” rates, it is still below the average.

The poor performance of Texas is associated with the poor socio-economic conditions of the population. It is clear that there are poor education and economic facilities as reflected by the statistics. According to the report, there is a high school dropout rate which is about 40% every year with immigrants recording up to 52%. The report also shows that although SAT national average is rising over the years, the Texas SAT average is continuing to drop. This shows that the number of overall graduates in the region is very low, resulting in the low number of healthcare workers. The state is also constituted by high number of immigrants who make up 17% of the total population. Most immigrants have low or no income, thus, contributing to the worse socio-economic conditions in the state.

July 24, 2021

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