Brochure on Workplace Communication

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The successful messaging series includes a pamphlet on workplace communication among individuals and groups in an organization or institution. The goal of this paper is to examine workplace communication while also discussing and exhibiting both positive and negative communication methods in a workstation situation. Workplace communication is an increasing problem for businesses, employees, and company representatives because it affects people's morale and productivity.

Workplace communication is the exchange of information between two or more persons at a workstation. In other words, it is the act of disseminating information among employees in an organization. Effective communication requires perfect interworking components of communication for “shared meaning.” Effective work group as well as lateral communication results to the development in general performance of the workforces in an organization. In addition, employees who obtain the most operative communication from their supervisors are graded as highest in production. Effective communication also improves employee’s job satisfaction and the process of carrying out projects and tasks go smoothly the moment lines of communication are kept open among team members in an organization. The paper outlines a brochure in a workplace setting which explains and illustrates positive and negative ways to communicate.

Positive ways to communicate in the Workplace

Relationships in the workplace cannot thrive without open communication. The first positive way to communicate in the place of work is through open meeting. It is easier to transfer an individual’s desire and the way he/she feels to the team through open meeting. Mesmer-Magnus, David, and Chockalingam, record that open meeting is one of the best methods to communicate effectively with a work group since the members do not only hear what a person is saying, but also feel and see it (161). Secondly, communication through emails remains potent in official settings. Email is a positive way to communicate with team members in the work station as it enables one to pass messages to members without pulling them out of their offices or working places.

The other positive way of communication in the workplace is through use of presentations. When pictures and sounds are involved, some people tend to grasp the message being conveyed easily. People have an opportunity to refer back to what was said if they are not clear about certain things when presentations like Microsoft Power Point is used. After every communication with team members through whatever means, it is imperative to always remember to thank the listeners for their time. Boosting productivity and sharing ideas is a point of working as a team in a work station and being appreciative improves communication in an organization (Keyton, Joann, et al 157). When communication is hampered, the entire effort is side-tracked. Confusion can be avoided as well as achieving completion of the project with ease when ground rules are kept up to date and communication tactics worked on.

Negative ways to communicate in the Workplace

Poor communication in a work station comprises incomplete directions, incorrect messaging, lack of communication and a host of other problems related to listening, writing, and speaking. Common components of negative communication comprise incomplete information, misinformation, employee slander, misinterpretation, and rumours. Communication is vital for sustaining an industrious workroom. Some of the negative ways of communication in the workplace is one way communication, no feedback, and vague instructions. A one-way communicator in an organization or work station does not listen to feedback and brushes attempts to communicate aside (Miller, and Joshua 135). When a mistake or setback arises, other team members are unable to give their side of the story. Further, giving no feedback is another negative way of communicating in a workplace. A person who does not value or understand communication rarely appreciates the significance of giving feedback. The absence of feedback brings a catalogue of shortcomings hence affecting employee’s productivity and the rate at which projects are completed. Lastly, giving vague instructions is a negative way of communicating in the workplace. Workers miss out on important information when they receive vague instructions by not understanding specific nature of task assigned to them, timeframe, and the desired outcome (Miller, and Joshua 210).


Conclusively, effective verbal and non-verbal workplace communication improves the work environment. Therefore, organizations and institutions should train their employees on how to communicate effectively. Workers should be in a position to communicate well in written emails and reports even though good communication skills go beyond conversations. Companies also develop a focus on developing workplace communication which helps in conveying information within the Corporation, international business partners, vendors, and with customers. Good workplace communication is critical and helps to generate healthy relationships in the workplace, improve morale, and increase efficiency.

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April 26, 2023

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