business plan for the grasshopper burger

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An outline of the concept and a related feasibility analysis

Make up the grasshopper burger business plan. These sections have been useful in putting the whole plan into perspective and in making sure that the concept is tested and reviewed on several levels, which is a crucial safety measure when entering a new market. I picked up various tips that I can use both now and in the future when preparing each of these sections. The entire strategy was based on the concepts of idea genesis, development, and promotion. To provide a solid notion and a way, management elements, feasibility aspects, were all explored and tied together to provide a sound idea and a way to make it functional (, 2017). The various lessons that I learned from the preparation of the report are discussed in the subsequent section.

The plan development process

was informative in that it helped me learn that a business idea requires a platform from which to operate. It relies on proper design in order for it to be successful. Secondly, an idea must be nurtured and tested in order to be able to project the business' future and potential success. This is important since it informs my daily activities such as schooling since I can perceive the big picture. The entire plan shows that an idea is magnified by the big picture. An investor does not only dwell on the now of the idea but also on the projected future in order to realize its full potential. For example, the grasshopper burger idea may be new now but could be lucrative later due to increased market for healthy cuisine. This mentality would be useful to me in the future coupled with the learned ability to plan and implement ideas (Rich, 1987).

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Rich, S. R. (1987). Business plans that win $$$: Lessons from the MIT enterprise forum (Reprint ed.). New York: William Morrow Paperbacks.

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