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Career Objects

To work in a difficult work environment which gives me an opportunity to analyze work diversities and get to know how to solve challenges as they arise. To be an active crew player in problem-solving.
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June 17, 2017
Name or Position of the Recipient
United Airlines
Airport Management & Administrative
Chicago, IL United States
Dear Sir/Madam
I hereby write to apply for the position of a Supervisor- Airport Operations Zone Control, marketed with a Req#: ORD00001260-SR. My knowledge and experience as a student of aviation administration make me an ideal candidate for the position. My excellent communication and social competencies empower me with the ability to communicate effectively as per the necessities of the job. My job experience as a salesman equipped me with effective customer handling skills and ability to make rational decisions, especially in an emergency. I am result-oriented in carrying out my assigned duties. As a salesman, I contributed a lot in maximizing sales through extended warranties, and improved customer service.
My job experiences as a salesman, computer technician coordinator and in customer service equipped me with great supervision and data handling skills where I kept track of everyday relevant data which we later used to improve performance in respective departments. I like working closely with others, and more importantly, I like playing an active role in teamwork. I have led five classwork group projects in which I ensured timely and successful completion of assignments. My time management skills are great as I have never been late in completing any assignment whether in school or on the job. My learning experience in aviation has equipped me with substantial knowledge in airport operations. I am well prepared for this position.
Thank you in advance for reviewing my application. If you need any additional information, you may reach me using the contact information which I have listed above.
Yours faithfully,

Your name

July 24, 2021




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