Case Study of Statoil

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This case study is related to the preceding results. Factors and determinants of success assessment on worker ingenuity were investigated using survey results from a major oil firm. By adopting a case study methodology, the sorting effects can be largely controlled, since workers are exposed to the same business cycles and organizational changes. Statoil is a global gas and oil company, operating in 34 countries, hiring 25,000 employees. The company was established in Norway in 1972 for exploration of oil resources on the country’s continental shelf (International Directory of Company Histories 2004).

Statoil is currently ranking among the top 10 oil conglomerates in the OECD region (International Directory of Company Histories 2004). Organizational culture of the company deserves attention, as the company’s policy on feedback, reward, and remuneration is geared at improving staff creativity. They are of high priority. The company’s premium concept is connected with tangible and intangible rewards. Tangible rewards include employment benefits depending on the level of creativity, rank, and performance. At the same time, Avey, Richmond, and Nixon (2012, 101-3) postulated that individual performance appraisal is not only based on specific delivery, but also on the worker’s social performance. As part of the organization’s corporate management system, the slogan “[email protected]” has been designed to inspire better performance, motivate people and their personal and professional development.

This process has been adopted in the organization and is evaluated annually. Goals are connected with individual performance, and behavior is tied to the company’s strategic objectives. The feedback improves staff creativity and sets the direction for career plans and personal development. The company’s reward packages are designed at competitive rates in the relevant market segments and include bonus rewards, remuneration, and other forms of compensation. Leaders, team, and separate team players are subject to an all-round evaluation process. The feedback and assessments of the evaluation process positively affect creativity among employees (Podsakoff and Farh 1989, p. 12).

Based on the survey data, this case study provides reliable empirical explanations on the influence of feedback on creativity. This is best illustrated by perceptions of feedback and career opportunities among leaders and staff, which, in turn, leads to improved creativity in a global oil company. Managers of the company find that for staff without leadership opportunities, there are perceived discrepancies between feedback and creativity. At the same time, creativity and career opportunities in the company tend to be negatively affected by restructuring and change as well as negative feedback from top-level management (Podsakoff and Farh 1989, p. 12).

Case Study of Pakistani Electric Supply Company (Water and Power Development Authority-WAPDA)

This case study explores the relationship between job involvement and feedback on the creativity and productivity of employees in a Pakistan Electric Supply Company under the Water and Power Development Authority. Founded in 1958, the WAPDA deals with the distribution of electricity in the region. As the environment and industry structure experienced dramatic change, the authority moved from monopoly status to privatization, as several oil companies had been privatized to keep up with the new changes. The movement from integration to disintegration also resulted in profound changes in productivity and creativity of staff working for these companies (Ashford and Cummings 1983, p. 45).

Among the other performance variables, feedback was considered to have the strongest relationship with creativity and productivity. At the same time, the degree of productivity waslikely to increase with high levels of positive feedback and vice versa. The findings of the research indicate that together with the increased productivity and reinforcing performance through positive feedback, there is a proportional increase in creativity due to this positive reinforcement. The research findings of Kuvaas (2006, p.510-4) indicate that job involvement, compensation, and feedback are particularly vital ingredients for creativity among employees. Apart from the type of compensation, staff indicted that positive feedback is the most contributing factor to improved performance for Pakistani WAPDA oil companies.


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