Causes of Female Outperformance

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Women have traditionally been under-represented in large educational establishments, resulting in male supremacy in some of the most lucrative occupations. Current patterns, on the other hand, indicate a significant shift in this direction. Women have taken up the mantle that had formerly been worn by men (Peterson and Hellen np). The number of students enrolling in institutions of higher learning has risen, and most universities across the world now have more men than women. But the question is, what has triggered this abrupt shift that has culminated in the rise of more professional and knowledgeable women whose results outperform those of men? There could be substantial reasons resulting in the women_x0092_s increased ability to post higher performance and achieve more than their male counterparts.

Causes of Female Academic Outperformance

Female empowerment initiatives have over the last few years increased. That has opened up, so opportunities for women students to have limitless access to learning opportunities that they had earlier on not been exposed to (Peterson and Hellen np). Social empowerment groups and women activists have been at the forefront in championing for female students to get equal education opportunities. They organize forums in which girls are made aware of their ability to compete well in favourable environments with their male counterparts (OECD 70). It is this empowerment that gives ladies the morale to make sure that they put so much effort into elevating themselves academically.

In pursuit of their academic excellence, most girls have always faced a lot of financial problems. Most ladies always need a lot of support not only for their academic stability but also for their social well-being (Christina np). Compared to the male students, females have in the past, therefore, faced financial problems due to the vast resources they need for their support. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of monetary aid that is channelled towards the education of ladies (OECD 48). It has opened limitless opportunities to women who therefore always feel so much motivated into putting much effort in their studies. It is this increased efforts that make ladies perform better than the males.

Government initiatives channelled towards female education has not only been a motivation but also a source of inspiration to them (Spenser, Steven, Claude, and Diane np). The government has deliberately shown goodwill and put in a lot of effort in building infrastructure that supports female education. It has among other things constructed schools and other education facilities that support the female advancement to education. Such opportunities were not available in earlier years, and the ladies had a very limited opportunity for success. The ladies have taken full advantage of this government goodwill to excel, and they have put the necessary efforts into succeeding. That has led to an influx of fabulous performance among ladies.

The level of intelligence among learners always affects their performance. Intelligence is a measure of how well and accurate a person can be in a position to accomplish a given task and give results within the confines of given timelines (Peterson and Hellen np). Ladies have been proved to have a higher intelligent quotient than men. They have a sound and accurate sense of reasoning and are better at problem-solving compared to men. It is for this reason that ladies can make better scientist since as a result of the higher level of accuracy that they pose. When females employ the same degree of intelligence in their studies, they always perform better than me.

There is so much exposure to ladies that has recently been enhanced through the efforts of role models. The ladies are so much inspired by other female personalities who have made so much effort into making life success (Christina np). It is such successful girls who offer both physical and social support to see other ladies succeed. They give advice and orientation programs that are geared towards the success of their fellow girls. Since these successful women act as a pathway towards success for those they act as role model, there will be a deliberate effort for the female students to follow the very steps towards success. These exposures to successful role models make ladies work harder and have academic success.

Drug influence among students is an important determinant of academic success. Research shows that drug use among male students is higher than that of female students. It is also a proven fact that male students who are drug addicts use hard drugs while the female students tend to use drugs with less effect (DiPrete, Thomas, and Claudia 206). Drugs are proven to cause concentration lapse and the ability to have a memory about what is taught. Since the use of drugs directly affects the outcome of academic performance among students, it, therefore, means that ladies will have a clearer mind to enhance their academic performance. The ladies will also have the ability to have a clear memory of all the educational content that makes them perform better.

There have been considerable deliberate efforts by learning institutions to enhance a conducive learning environment for ladies. Organizations have developed programs that are more friendly and cognisant to the challenges that face ladies while pursuing their education. According (DiPrete, Thomas, and Claudia 213), learning institutions offer among other things amenities and facilities that are used by ladies. The institutions have also promoted the education of girls by striking a balance to ensure slots are reserved for the ladies in learning institutions. Such opportunities and efforts by institutions act as a motivator to the girls. It gives them a chance to have an environment in which they can work hard and even excel more than the boys.

Female students are detail-oriented in undertaking their academic studies compared to the male students. They take a very keen note of every little detail that is available to them while taking their studies. According to Cristina n.p, they pay keen attention to those who offer the learning instructions to them. Research shows that ladies also have a great sense of curiosity and they always want to gain as much knowledge as they can hold. It is, therefore, most likely that they will grasp even more regarding the academic content compared to the men. The same will leave them in a better position to score highly in academics than the men.

Discipline among students has always been proven to have a direct effect on the academic performance of the student. The level of discipline among female learners is relatively higher than that of male students (Peterson and Hellen np). Students who are involved in indiscipline cases always find themselves out of classes for a while, and this has a direct effect on their academic performance. They allocate a little time to their studies, and hence it is tough for them to catch up on academic issues. Due to the above factors, it is, therefore, a proven fact that ladies will always have better chances to achieve excellence in their studies as compared to the men.

There is always a variation in the cognitive skills between the various sexes. These skills have numerous effects on the academic performance of girls. Such skills include attentiveness, being persistent and having the anxiety to learn. Ladies are proven to have more of these skills than men (DiPrete, Thomas, and Claudia 213). They, therefore, are at a higher advantage of making so many strides in their academic performance. The ladies, therefore, register a higher performance than the men.

Self-regulation encompasses the art of doing what is right and being able to have control concerning person_x0092_s life achievements (Christina np). That will mean a person being able to choose to do what matters and avoid doing what can have adverse effects, especially on their education. Concerning this fact, ladies are always thought to have a better sense of having self-control on carrying out their activities. This background explains the reason why they are always well organized to conduct themselves and organize their studies well. It enables them to have higher chances of success.

Multi-tasking is an integral part of studies. A person while making an academic journey always comes across instances when they have to grasp multiple concepts of performing some tasks simultaneously (Spenser et. al., np). Ladies are known to have this kind of skill, and they can perform some tasks at one time. Men on the other side are always less at performing tasks simultaneously. These facts, therefore, make ladies to outperform men in academic performance.

Furthermore, the fact that women are often considered as those who do not have the abilities to undertake formal professions and work in organizations apart from the domestic activities has been a motivating factor. The ladies are committed to making a difference by escaping the thought that they are supposed to handle the domestic chores (DiPrete, Thomas, and Claudia 213). Therefore, most of them are encouraged to work hard in schools so as to be in the position to undertake their desired professional activities such as accounting and engineering. The fact that teen pregnancies are reducing is also a substantial factor to attribute to the success of ladies in schools (Peterson and Hellen np). Initially, a high number of female students would perform poorly due to pregnancy cases, but that has today changed given most of them who could fall pregnant can use contraceptives to avoid the stress that could see them underperform.


The recent trends where women are some of the best ranked academic performers and best achievers can be attributed to several factors. One of the causes of the recorded academic outperformance can be attributed to female empowerment inputs. Other factors include the improved access to finances, government involvement towards achieving girl-child education, high level of intelligence in girls than boys, open and easy access to role models by girls, drug effects, institutional support to girls, high level of discipline in girls, self-motivation among girls, and the ability to malty-task. The effects that are related to the female ability to outperform boys include fewer stereotypes on ladies, a high number of ladies joining institutions of learning.

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