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The story, titled "Seven Things HR Professionals Would Change About the Hiring Process," initially appeared on on November 7, 2017. This article contains the perspectives of seven members of the Forbes HR council on how businesses might enhance their hiring processes. This council is comprised of a group of HR experts with extensive experience in human resource matters and working in a variety of businesses. Jennifer Marszalek, Tana Session, Nicole Smartt, Tiffany Servatius, Tasha Bell, Catherine Decker, and John Feldmann are the seven persons. Each of these seven people is an expert in the topic of human resources, making the article a reliable source of knowledge. For instance, Catherine Decker is a professional marketer and a consultant. She currently works at outsell and Securonet as a marketing consultant. John Feldmann is a well-versed writer and a specialist in communications. He writes on various topics such as employment, careers, and hiring. He has been involved in writing articles for Bizjournals and Forbes.

The article proposes seven ways in which these pros would alter the current hiring systems. They suggest that firms need to remove the question of salary during hiring, remove the resume and make the process fast and efficient. Firms also need to give candidates a sample test and ask questions relating to the culture of the organizations during hiring. These executives also suggest that firms stop considering employment status, but consider qualifications. Also, there is a need for companies to have a way to spot transferable skills in an employee (Forbes Human Resources Council). Nicole Smartt alludes that the current hiring system is cumbersome, inefficient and do not help organizations get the best employees they need. This assertion agrees with what I have learned in class, throughout the semester. I remember the professor giving examples of some of the firms that have performed terribly, due to poor hiring and recruiting approaches. Most of the techniques they use are outdated and do not enable them to get top-notch employees. The professor also alluded that most of the well-performing firms had efficient hiring processes, which help them use least resources and get the best employees. Facebook and Google are two firms that have an efficient hiring culture compared to other rival companies in the United States. I remember the professor emphasizing the importance of recruiting for an organization. He asserted that recruiting is key to the success of an organization and help shape the performance, organization culture and the public image for an organization. The current hiring approaches are cumbersome and lengthy and consume a lot of resources for a company. As I read through the point by Tiffany Servatius, I remember a class discussion in which the professor wanted each one of us to explain some of the skills we have, and how we can use them in an organization. I remember a popular class discussion in which some students preferred skills to education, while others favored education. Tiffany Servatius suggest that companies should Gauge the skills of an employee before hiring them. They can gauge these skills by giving them a sample test, rather than trust in the information presented in the resume. He agrees with Jennifer Marszalek that resumes can be deceiving hence not entirely reliable during hiring (Forbes Human Resources Council). The article proposes that the question on the previous salary history of an employee does not add any value to the hiring process. This question agrees with what I learned in class that the hiring process should use the minimum resources to achieve the maximum goals. All irrelevant questions should be eliminated. Organizations should consider both their long-term and short-term prosperity. They should thus put a lot of emphasis on transferable skills in an employee during the hiring process. The first should also ask questions that relate to the organization culture during hiring. From what I have learned in class, organization culture plays a vital role in the growth of a firm.

I agree with the information presented in this article, and the assertions of the different executives are presenting their views in this articles. What caught my attention is the assertion by Jennifer Marszalek that resumes and linked profiles do not convey the real information about an employee. Organizations should be more concerned about the ability of an employee to perform the desired job and to fit into the organizational culture. Nicole suggests that if an organization take a long time, between the submissions of the applications to hiring, they are not likely to get the best employees since other firms will have hired them. I agree with his assertion.

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Forbes Human Resources Council. “Seven Things HR Pros Would Change About The Hiring Process.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 7 Nov. 2017,

May 10, 2023

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