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It is still an exciting and daunting time for those only starting out of college education. A new stage of life is typically created. It was a very timid and agitated moment of dreaming for me to fulfill my intellectual dreams. I found myself to be very young and eligible to attend college because my cynical assumption was that college education was just for adults. Little did I realize that my parents' tenacious and resilient actions would be effective. After a week or so it came to my dawn that I was now surrounded by the life of a college freshman and it was high time to shape in or ship out of the very significant learning destination for any young person. I was no exception.

Significance of College Life to the Young Generation

This time is excellent for me to join an institution of higher learning. One of the most robust reasons why I chose to join college at this age is utilized the chance of getting a better understanding of the career options available. The college system of education is the tool which shapes young people towards realizing their dream careers and establishes a clear and suitable way for a better and progressive life in their adulthood. Moreover, Joining College is the best option for the young generation to have access to a social network which helps to enhance their social skills and build a formidable network of friends. College also delivers a bright and promising opportunity to mingle with new people, enhance skills for communication and self-discipline. In college, many young people have a healthy and favorable environment to exploit their talents and hobbies in extra-curriculum activities like sports. (Brand, Jennie and Yu Xie, 2010)


College life is something I never thought could change the life. It is now or never for me to utilize this valuable opportunity facilitated by my abled parents. College education is what defines the destiny of our future lives. The challenges available are strengthening factors in the rough journey towards success. It is not a walk in the park (Lamb, Michael E., and Brian Sutton-Smith, 2014)


Brand, Jennie E., and Yu Xie. (2010). "Who benefits most from college? Evidence for negative selection in heterogeneous economic returns to higher education." . American sociological review 75.2, 273-302.

Lamb, Michael E., and Brian Sutton-Smith. . (2014). Sibling relationships: Their nature and significance across the lifespan. New York: Psychology Press.

October 25, 2022

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