Charter schools in need of libraries

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Despite the fact that it seems to be alarming, there are no libraries in charter schools due to a lack of funding for these services. It is also worth noting that libraries are relevant because they enhance reading and study as well as performance; therefore, they should be accepted in all learning institutions, including charter schools.

My thesis argument is a policy/action assertion. It recommends that the groups concerned take steps to strengthen the status of charter schools. The proposal calls for the establishment of libraries and other learning materials within charter schools in order to better children's lives. The need arises from the fact that most children in these intuitions have problems when it comes to reading and writing let alone doing research. Logos would emanate from other parents and colleagues who are having similar challenges. Furthermore, as the experts illustrate, the void in charter schools can be filled via adequate programs from all the stakeholders involved. With funding and proper policies, I am positive that charter schools will have their furnished libraries, which will be beneficial to the students.


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October 25, 2022




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