Child Abuse Discussion

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When a child is subjected to intentional acts that cause physical and emotional harm, he or she is considered abused. The insulting of children is one of the most common forms of human mistreatment in today's world. Neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse are all examples of this behavior. Child maltreatment is common in most, if not all, countries, with over three million cases reported in the United States alone. Child neglect is one of the most common types of bad behavior. This type of abuse is said to occur when a parent or guardian fails to provide the care that a child requires. Physical or educational neglect can be classified as mishandling. Child neglect was reported in Tulsa, Oklahoma where a couple had ignored their twin baby girls. The judge held that each of the two parents would serve a 130-years imprisonment for the crime which included starvation and bed sores (CNNwire). While everyone considers child neglect as evil occurrence, some religious groups still follow an idea of existence of some higher purposes to be achieved rather than that of parenting. This approach leads to abnormal conduct in addition to psychological problems of a child in future.
The next form takes place when a kid undergoes physical abuse which comprises punching, kicking, beating, or any action that has the potential of harming a child. Any of these actions may be defined as physical abuse be it intentional or accidental occasion. Several cases of disabilities have resulted from physical abuses. An example of this crime against minors was reported in California where physically harmed bodies of two babies were found inside a storage unit (Silva). A woman aged thirty-nine and seventeen years old boy have been arrested. On the other hand, physical abuse has different meaning across religions, cultures, and people implying that its definition has changed. Until the 1990s, child mistreatment was infamous since parents had their own way of raising a morally upright child, even by use of physical abuse methods.
At last, sexual abuse is one of the dangerous crimes against the children. The perpetrators of this crime use kids to satisfy their sexual needs. Most cases involve a family member, relative, or a friend. For instance, a 2003 report from the National Institute of Justice stated that out of four adolescents, three of them experienced sexual assault being victimized by an individual who was well known to them (The National Center for Victims of Crime). One girl in every five girls and one out of twenty boys experience sexual abuse. About five to ten percent of males and twenty percent of females can still remember an incident of sexual abuse in their childhood. In the US alone, an estimated sixteen percent of the youths aged fourteen to seventeen years experienced sexual victimization (The National Center for Victims of Crime). The most vulnerable children to sexual abuse are those who are between seven and thirteen years. In some cultures and religions, sexual assault is considered a way of life. According to them, reporting incidences to police is not logical and is even worse than the act itself.
In conclusion, child abuse remains one of the significant issues which call for more attention. The maltreatment includes those who perpetrate acts of mishandle and other people who allow the misconduct to happen on their watch. The culprits cause harm to the prone children. Therefore, it is high time for everyone to take charge and eject this killer monster by getting involved in campaigning against it, providing advice, and reporting violators.
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