Children Studies

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Nowadays childhood model includes three key changes in childhood methods. The head method concerned development in children's practice from working to schooling initiation (Stearns 72). The next element demanded a boundary in families' capacity by aiming for lower birth rates (Stearns 73). The third method included a decrease in the newborn mortality rate (Stearns 73). Consequently, these reforms led to the fourth method: states' engagement in childhood subjects (Stearns 73). Nevertheless, the fourth method doesn't involve childhoods from other distinct cultures and civilizations. The model studies across a wide range of topics like slavery, child labor, and traditions, it can be envisioned to include additional critical issues that have been prevalent in childhood across different cultures. For instance, the model could include child marriages which were a common practice in ancient times such as in medieval Europe, ancient Greece, etc. (Stalker et al. 25). Also, it can document about recruitment of children to armed forces which was prevalent and persists till now in some war-torn countries. Recruitment of children into armed groups predisposes them to violence which is yet another critical issue that an alternative model would incorporate. Children are particularly vulnerable to abuse, be it physical or sexual. In the late middle ages, for instance, Stalker et al. noted that sexual violence against children was prevalent in the form of war rape as some combatants felt that they had conquering rights over children who were a part of the enemy (29). An alternative model can also focus on vices such as female genital mutilation which has for long been practiced among girls in some cultures. For instance, the practice had long been a custom for young girls in ancient Egypt (Stalker et al. 31).

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October 25, 2022

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