Chili’s American Restaurant

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One of the well-known restaurants in America is the Chilean American Restaurant, established in 1975, where it is a public corporation. The restaurant's offices are in Dallas with over ten thousand staff. It is estimated that the annual turnover for the restaurant is $500 million, which shows that the business operates in the right direction and serves its clients. The paper reviews the restaurant and makes suggestions that, if adopted by the administrator, the restaurant might do much better.

 In assessing the restaurant, it is important to look at the mission, vision and ideas that have made the business great. To start with is the mission of the restaurant where the institution works to deliver the fresh tex and mix flavors which the other competitors, for example, Applebee's and Buffalo Wild Wings are not able to deliver. Moreover, the company got a vision of making Chili the love restaurant by the year 2020. Apart from that, the value of the company is making sure that people feel special every time they visit the restaurant (Espinosa 625). This makes them always yearn to get back to the restaurant and get served in the best way they wish to. The company has ensured that the three main aspects are well followed and adhered to. However, some recommendations could be used in boosting the company. For example, the vision of the company being to making Chili love by the year 2020, sounds to be a long period which may make the workers feel that there is still time to making the company great. Instead, the vision should be shorter where in a year; the company management should be able to account for the issues put in place to make the customers feel special in every service that they receive from the company.

Also, we evaluate the bonuses and the profit sharing that is seen in Chili American restaurant. As stated earlier, this restaurant is a public meaning that there are members. In each year, the owners receive bonuses depending on the profits realized in the year (Brenes&Esteban 1660).Apart from the members; all the salaried members receive a bonus each year. The aim of this is to ensure that the short-term performance makes the long-term goals achievable. With that, the workers of the company get to work hard so that the bonus earned at the end of the year can be higher. In addition to the bonuses, the administrators ought to offer other motivations to the owners and the many employees. One of the ways is by offering gifts to the workers in cases where they achieve the business goals.  Since the bonuses are given at the end of the year, some actions like gifts and holidays should be included within the year to ensure that the business does well throughout the year.

To the customers, the company offers dining discounts. The company ensures that the guests or else the customers receive up to 100% discount especially when they visit the restaurant many times and in teams. It helps in making the customers stick and go along with families and friends so that they receive the discounts that are offered. Though this may result in the company experiencing losses, it makes the buyers stick to the company. The recommendation here is that there should be some times where the guests are to receive the discounts so that to avoid the company giving too much offer and therefore incurring losses.

Apart from that, the company has ensured workplace flexibility. The restaurant has ensured that flexibility is ensured to make the customers get served according to the demands.  Flexibility has been boosted by the telecommunication aspects that are well put in place to ensure that communication is done in the right way and to the right people. Flexibility is one of the things that most companies are not able to maintain which makes them lose customers. However, it is not fully true to say that the company is fully flexible especially while ensuring that all the branches are efficiently working according to the demands of the customers. Therefore, the company ought to ensure that the customers are attended to even in the homes where delivery should be put in place and made reliable. With that, then the company would be termed as being flexible and therefore meeting the demands of the buyers.

Lastly, there is the issue of tuition reimbursement which is also applied in the restaurant (Yates and Alexandra 209). It involves the issue of training the employees in cases where new operations are introduced. It is true in saying that training costs a lot and where it is not done with a purpose, the company could experience problems. Therefore, the employees should be well informed in cases where the training is needed and should be made to understand its necessity. Moreover, goals ought to be set while training so that at the end the management can find out if the goals were achieved. 

In conclusion, basing the paper on Chili American restaurant, it is clear that the company is unique and good since its operations are straight and tangible.

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