Chocolate Cake Movie by Josh Ssettuba

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If you're looking for a movie to watch with the entire family, you might want to check out the chocolate cake movie by Josh Ssettuba. A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Jenny is a real life person. The film was shot in her hometown. A few of the characters in the movie are real people, too: Brittney Grabill and Josh Ssettuba. Despite their similarities, the two men share a common passion: chocolate cake.

The Birthday Cake is a sweet and witty movie about free-form temporality and universal love. The film is a mash-up of every couple's secrets and the simple act of courtship. Its cast of Sean Price Williams, Brittney Grabill, and Leo is as talented as ever. It's an easy watch and a treat for any romantic! Read on to find out why you'll enjoy it.

The Birthday Cake

The Birthday Cake is the feature film debut of Jimmy Giannopoulos, a veteran TV writer and director. The story is based on a twisted night out in New York, where a bakery owner named Gio runs into everyone from a pot-smoking cab driver to an old friend who's in danger of losing his job. The film is also a very violent affair, with a climactic confrontation between Gio and his uncle Ricardo.

The cast of "The Birthday Cake" is quite impressive, containing Ewan McGregor, Lorraine Bracco, Aldo Hodge, and William Fichtner. It's also notable that the movie stars Val Kilmer, who has been battling throat cancer off-screen for years. His raspy voice and choking spells make him difficult to watch, and his use of a feeding tube has restricted his ability to eat. Considering this, his appearance as a mob boss seems rather exploitative, especially when he is not in the film.

Sean Price Williams

"Sean's Beach" is a dreamy pastiche directed by a cinematographer who has indicated plans to direct a feature-length film. Though his previous film, the 2004 short, was also a work of art, this movie marks a new milestone for Williams. In this new age of clean, digital images, he is unmatched. In his own right, he is a rare breed in American independent film.

Despite its melodrama, "The Birthday Cake" is worth seeing if only for the taste. While director Giannopoulos is unafraid to experiment with rhythms and violence, the film still holds its own. It runs for one hour and 33 minutes. While the film may have some funny moments, it's also a bit clumsy. I'd recommend seeing it with a friend instead of on your own.

Brittney Grabill

"Chocolate Cake" is a beautifully cinematic short film that focuses on love. It's about the universality of love, free-form temporality, and the complexities of courtship. It's about every couple's most basic and complex acts of courtship, and it's a beautiful exploration of the interconnectedness between memory, action, and emotional physiology.


This Italian mobster drama starts out with Gio's (Val Kilmer) cousin Gio threatening bullies. To make their lives worse, his mother bakes a chocolate cake for them every year. Gio's efforts to deliver the cake are interrupted by a group of FBI agents looking for him and hoping that he will rat on his family. They are also harassing Gio into cooperating with them. Along the way, Gio meets many colorful characters who seem to hint at danger.

As the narrator, Gio is a bit naive, but he's not completely naive. He isn't afraid of the FBI, and he is also suspicious of his uncle. As a result, he is reluctant to let his Uncle Angelo's death go unpunished. But he is determined to save his family, so he approaches Father Kelly and prepares a viable alibi for Leo.

Undercover cops

Undercover cops in Chocolate Cake is based on the real-life story of NYPD Narcotics Detective Robert Leuci. The story follows Ciello as he is recruited by federal prosecutors to expose illegal police activity, but he must stay loyal to his partner. Throughout the film, we follow the undercover hunt, the gathering of evidence, and the trials that follow. We sympathize with these two characters and hope that they will find justice in the end.

The plot is an unusual twist on the usual two-cop buddy movie. The movie ends in a way that makes the viewer wonder just how many other movies were made before. The performances are very good. Sam Elliott does his usual good work, while Max Perlich's character is pathetic. Gregg Allman plays a dangerous local crime kingpin. The final vindication for our hero is his sling-bound arm. The script is a good example of the witty characterization of the undercover police.

Poisoned chocolate cake

In this film, the heroine, Tita, pours her tears into her wedding cake, which causes the wedding guests to vomit incessantly. They feel terrible about their loss, and as a result, the film becomes quite grim. It's the first of many films based on the novel by Agatha Christie, but the plot is compelling enough to make you want to watch it again.

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