Citizen Kane: The Movie

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Following the death of one of the richest and most powerful men in America at the time, Charles Foster Kane

A newspaper reporter digs into his past looking to discover the meaning of the billionaire's mysterious final words, "Rosebud". He discovers Kane was a product of a broken home. In his adult life, Kane was a newspaper reporter who while at work met the niece of a man who was to become the president of the United States of America. As he grew, he gradually assumed power, amassing more and more money altogether while at the same time losing his humanity. The further he got in his dealings and quest to make more money and increase his power, he became less happy and realized that he had lost his youthful idealism and so did his country.

Meaning of Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane is the contemporary story that most top influencers endure and just about every passionate person. When we are young, we are usually full of ambitions and dreams. But as we grow old, we focus more on money and power, to the extent where it changes who we are and the dreams we had. Kane strived to change his life for the better given his tough childhood. However, as he amassed wealth and power, it became increasingly controlling and never seemed enough. His quest to feed his new hunger for power and money drifted him further away from his childhood ambitions. In the end, his final word, "Rosebud" means that he is a flower that never got to open and reach for his true abilities. It teaches people about the power of money to change people and deviate them from their real self.

September 25, 2023




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