Climate change

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Climate change refers to a continuous change in the characteristics of global trends, which have typically taken place for a long time regardless of their etiology. A variety of causes, including greenhouse gas pollution, volcanic eruptions and flat tectonics, human-economic practices that have an effect on nature and forest cover reduction have been thought to lead to global warming and climate change (ASmyth , Stinson, & Neilson, 2014). Because of its adverse impacts, global climate change mitigation in Canada has played an important role, given priority to successive governments (Government of Canada, 2015). This is aimed at raising awareness on the negative impacts of adverse climate changes amongst the Canadian population. Canadian policymakers and authorities may zero in on Green House Gas emissions from transportation, fossil fuel production, and industrial activities as this are likely to produce the greatest emissions reduction. Canada joined various international protocols and treaties such as the Canada and Kyoto Protocol with limited success. (Lacheoelle, Borick, & Rabe, 2013)

The Canadian Wildlife Federation is one of the leading champions of climate change reduction organizations. It has held campaigns to enhance responsibility in environmental matters and takes a positive attitude towards lobbying for the mitigation of global warming. Other social groups have urge institutions and investors to either remove or cut down on their investments in companies listed in oil, gas and coal activities whilst encouraging innovations centered on green energy production (Shiva, 2016).

Several petitions may be launched to hold various government ministries and state departments accountable towards climate change mitigation. Answers are sought on the federal initiatives that have been initiated to assess species risk and conservation efforts, the vulnerability of plants and animals to climate changes among others (Holt, 2015). These efforts may work alongside a myriad of other activities to raise awareness of climate change mitigation among the Canadian population.


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August 09, 2021
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