CN Tower Restaurant

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The central question of this essay is to describe the social environment evoked by the restaurant and how people perceive and live in that world. The restaurant in our case study is 360 restaurant at CN Tower, which is a high-end restaurant described by many as one of Toronto's finest. The focus of this debate is on the social effect of the CN Towers' 360 restaurants in Toronto in terms of customer loyalty and the atmosphere they build for their customers. It's breathtaking, unforgettable, and a must-see. The renown of the CN Tower and it's spinning 360 Restaurant requires no introduction, and it is one of the best in Toronto. It offers a 360-degree view of Toronto as it makes a full revolution every 72 minutes at the height of 351 meters an equivalent of 1,151 ft. In fact, you will have an unforgettable experience customer satisfaction, and positive reviews about the restaurant are what I got from the feedback as a researcher where I can honestly say that the visit was enjoyable and it’s money well spent.

The 360 is the most famous restaurant of Toronto's most beautiful given that it combines with an outstanding revolving view of Toronto. It located in the heart of Downtown and beside of the Ripley's Aquarium. As a person that genuinely loves the Canadian cuisine, I can certainly say that the restaurant has the features of the exceptional Canadian cuisine. It is also a favorite and excellent place for couples, friends, and families (GTLS-Canada). Furthermore , for anyone talking about the 360 restaurants, a lot of people will think directly to the CN Tower, a most popular and famous landmarks in Toronto, Canada. In addition, CN Tower is one of the visitor’s first attractions to view in Toronto. Moreover, at the top of the revolving restaurant ­ the 360 restaurant is very famous, not only because of its geographical location but its well known because of its level of the consumption and the environment of the restaurant. On a Friday evening, which is a hectic day for the 360 restaurants, I choose the dinner option and my reservation time is 19:00 pm. 18:30 pm. At this time children usually finishes their dinner or just come out from the Ripley's Aquarium, Canada located in the heart of downtown Toronto. There are 16,000 aquatic animals at this underwater adventure to remember, which attract a lot of kids and family to come over here. I saw some of the kids running at the park beside the CN Tower with their families talking and laughing out loud. In fact, whenever around one can here the children's voice that always sounds like birds' singing, described by many as a very fair sounding. In addition, the CN Tower's main hall is always being busing and bustling. There are few separate channels can lead the people to the different places. When I get the chance, I need to turn on a few bends; passing from the front desk of the restaurant and through a security checkpoint.

Finally, I got into the elevator. One staff members told us that we need to take three minutes of the lift to reach the 360 restaurants. Due to the difference of 351 meters away from the ground, I guess one can say that elevator's experience is same as making the roller coaster experience in the Wonderland. The ride has rocket speed up at 22 km/hs. When I closed my eyes, the elevator started going up wards but after a while, I thought to myself “why we are still not finished?" I secretly opened my eyes in a seam and realized that we were half way from the top of the building. I kept opening and closing my eyes, as I was somewhat anxious of the height and at the same time eagerly waiting to experience the restaurant. To my surprise and expectation, the elevator finally reached the highest point of the rising track "bi," and the door finally opened. It felt great to see the lively mood within the environment of the restaurant and smiles on peoples face revealing the joyful experience that one could ever desire to have. On the right-hand side of the elevator door is "the world's tallest cella" while few meters on the front is a small table. Upon coming out of the lift, restaurant’s waiter hastily and deftly checks everyone’s schedule and guides everyone to their seats, which I think is because the waiting area is small and they have to create space for others who are to arrive. Also, there might be concerns that the elevator can't accommodate that much of the gusts. I also noted that the dining place is compact. When we arrived, a waiter came to us and led us to a seat that was located beside the windows. I immediately started looking down from the restaurant and saw tiny planes land at Billy Bishop Airport. As the restaurant revolved, I saw Lake Ontario with a lot of boats (CN Towers). I got a memorable experience of the services I received and all the wonderful waiters that served me. In particular, the waiting staff is very accommodating. In fact, if I could make a suggestion, perhaps the waiting staff could be a bit friendlier and establish a stronger rapport with the customer.

As a food lover, I enjoy eating in any restaurants. I can confess that having tried many different restaurants and places, 360 restaurant stood out to have the most appealing and appetizing foods. Boasting one of the best views which superb, in the world for a restaurant, the 360 also has excellent food. We had the Alberta Prime Rib of Beef is excellent finger licking good. It came perfectly medium rare and the way I asked for it. It wass served with sour cream and horseradish mash, asparagus, and natural jus. The dessert was also spectacular, a dark chocolate tower with Beamsville tart cherries, and Dillon’s rose gin crème Anglaise. One can Skip the appetizer, and order the main and dessert for $65.00. However, if you’re coming with a hefty appetite, the Prix Fixe three course meal is $79.00. From the look of the food even before I tasted it I could tell that it was astonishing from presentation to flavor, texture and freshnesss. Interestingly, I found also that the restaurant have from recent years been focusing on meeting global and local food system requirements to ensure sustainablity. As I found out, planners at 360 have put a up a system that ensures that Canadian Causine served at there features finests regional ingrident, supports both local suppliers and producers and is supplemented by an on site herb garden during in seasons (“La Tour Cn Tower”). Both the global communities and Toronto food system supports a structure in a restaurant that aims at improving nutrition quality and health outcomes of a population. Such a systme require to be environmentally sustainable approach to food safety, access, availabilty and quality. Commiting into such a strategy as well as instituting various ecofriendly technologoies that aid in preservation and gabbage management has made the restaurant to be considered as one of the best hospitality enteprise in terms of ecofriendly. Partnership with suppliers and producers ensures that the products arrive while fresh and are of high quality. Proper preservation on the other hand ensures that the quality or integrity of the food served is not interefered with. The restaurant also purchases seasonal ingridients which is one of sustainable activities in a food system as it offer better taste, such foods are more affordable, reduce food miles, provide freshness and offers farmers and local communities benefits as well as reconnect consumers with where their food source (“La Tour Cn Tower”).

For one to get a chance to experience Toronto by day and by night I recommend reserving your seat or table an hour to 30 minutes before sunset. But Also, by making a reservation and ordering a minimum of two courses you don’t have to pay for the elevator ride which is $35.00 Canadian (CN Towers). The most important thing that restaurant can leave a great impression on the customer is a kind of atmosphere built by the decorating as well as the environment. It can give customers a healthy idea. The 360 restaurant decorated uniquely, which looks decidedly nonmainstream and special. The way that restaurant wants to bring to the customer is an upscale and romantic atmosphere. Additionally, the 360 restaurant has created a theme that connects the environment with their menu. To let the customer feel comfortable, 360 restaurants using an intelligent design on their background. Also, it can give the customer a great impression during their eating time. The overall of the restaurant's atmosphere is very comfortable and quiet. Usually, the customer would like to a calm place to enjoy their food; they certainly don't want a place that is very loud and noisy. The quiet restaurant can let them feel relax, and also can talk with their friends, families or couples better.

When I got to there, there are a lot of the clean and various decorations thoughtfully arranged in different places. On the table, there are also a lot of beautiful flowers in a small vase. Not only the decorating, but the music is also an excellent way to let people feel relaxed and comfortable. 360 restaurant specializes in Canadian food and wants to have a pleasant environment that can create the right atmosphere. That music sometimes loud and sometimes little, there is far and near both unique and a beautiful symphony. When music is playing, it can create a feeling that connected to the mood such as joviality, tranquility and also romantic; it can also trigger emotions and build memories (Tom). From my perspective, I felt like being in a better realm, indulged in this beautiful fantasy. Due to this decorating style and the landscape around the 360 restaurant, this restaurant is trying to make a romantic, upscale and quiet atmosphere which attracts a lot of couples, friends, and families to come over here and enjoy it. As a food lover, I enjoy eating in 360 restaurants. 360 restaurant offers the best fresh cuisine from the market; it’s very healthy. Foods were so delicious and on perfectly cooked. For the dessert are also very creamy and smooth. The quality of the ingredients is outstanding. What more, the way that chief decorated the food attracted me a lot. The meals are very exquisite and look very delicious. Not only the food, but their choices also are broad, and plates are pretty. It can make me want to try more meals at this restaurant. Moreover, the lighting is incredibly talented; it can set the romantic tone of the restaurant. Many couples would like to have dinner at night in the 360 restaurants. In the restaurant, there are many passionate and warm lamps. Crystal chandeliers and candlelight would be appropriate for an elegant, romantic restaurant. It can improve dining environment for the couples throughout the light. Not only the romantic lamp, but each table also placed a candle as a supplementary light source. The view of the candle lite environs and its flames can create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Exquisite and elegance of the tablecloth have a candle; it can look very delicate and beautiful; it also can improve the romantic feeling. For example, I saw a couple in the corner of the restaurant and had a very passionate dinner time. 360 restaurant set up a small and comfortable table with the lighting candle for them, in this way they can sit very close. They are sharing food, and the dessert also has a long talk in this romantic corner.

Overall, due to this decorating style and the landscape around the 360 restaurant, this restaurant is very upscale and romantic. Which attracts a lot of couples, friends, and families to come over here and spend their time at this restaurant.The 360 restaurants have enabled the broadcast and avail broad food culture of Toronto and the community from which it emerges. The top class restaurants and their excellent view, top class service with a beautiful and calm environment where couples are not left behind and honestly enjoy the beauty of the place and its decorations. From their well crafted and complete menus and finger licking meals, it will be right to conclude that the CN tower 360 restaurants are a must-see, must-experience. It is an expensive endeavor from my perspective, based on the taste of the foods; I think 360 restaurants is worth that much of money. The quality of the ingredients is excellent, and waiters are accommodating. Overall, it is a perfect opportunity being there and tried their foods. The likes of Roast Ontario Turkey Savory apricot and brioche stuffing, sage, cranberry, relish infused jus, buttermilk mashed potatoes as served in the winter dinner menu. The BC Fisherman’s Catch Rockfish, Manilla clams, Humboldt squid, Salish Sea mussels, seafood and tomato broth, sea asparagus pesto, potatoes, squid ink coral served in the winter holiday lunch menu.I have also attached some of the lists that were available to help one get the feel of diversity and culture as it is.

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