cognition and Learning

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Cognition and learning are the foundations of cognitive psychology and include subjects such as memory, attention, and classification. Learning is defined as the process or activity that leads to knowledge acquisition, whereas cognition is defined as the process or act of knowing. Learning is based on the idea that an organism is born with the neurological ability to learn. However, some cognitive processes occurred to produce knowledge, either through controlled environments such as work or school or through trial and error. Motivation is the most important aspect in cognition and learning because the stronger the inputs from one's personal surroundings, the greater the emphasis on acquiring a non-existent attribute. Learning and cognition are the fundamental concepts in educational psychology. The paper explores on the learning and cognition discipline by evaluating the past literature on various constructs which include neurosciences, learning and literacy, connectionism and learning, socio-cognition as well as diversity and culture.


Brain has the capacity to adjust the ability of people to process broadly varied data and complex new information. Furthermore, the brain has the ability to react and act in ever changing manner which is referred as neuroplasticity. All learning entails action and reflection together with thinking and doing. The major aspect of learning is the change thus it adjusts the physical outlook of the brain leading to its reorganization and organization. For optimal learning to take place, the brain requires conditions under which it can be able to adjust in response to stimuli as well to generate new neurons. Moreover, the most efficient learning entails recruiting various regions of the brain for the erudition task. The regions that are associated with the learning task are related to various functions such as various senses, memory, higher level of brain functioning and volitional control.


Learning and literacy

Diversity and culture

Connectionism and learning



April 26, 2023

Psychology Life



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