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The carbonated soft drink “color pop” operating and manufacturing under the main company colorpopco is an American company that produces beverages. Its headquarter is in New York. The recent marketing campaign has yielded both positive and negative results. One of which is their post reminder of events and a clear visual and updated content collection.
They offer a very eye-appealing and updated content collection. it is one of the reasons that they are very successful on Facebook. Their posts are often designed after major current events or right before seasons. They upload posts that remind people to go and have some fun at pools or take their drink to celebrate Christmas.
Most of their posts are short and straight to the point with a concentration on illustrations and visuals. Their visual contents are produced and they focus on the availability, communication of messages that are understood easily and much more.
The type of visual contents they provide varies from GIFs, pictures, long and short videos and shareable blog posts. The kind of content keep their brand fresh in the eyes of consumers and encourages clients to return. For example, they produce virtual gifts during major festive seasons Facebook. That gets the brand in consumers’ minds in an enticing way.
They create cohesive branding. The social media presence of the company is presented in an attractive and appealing way. The visual contents in every social media are blue in color which is the primary color for the brand making it recognizable. Also, most posts include its logo or the product itself. For instance, to announce the finals week in college they create posts showing books and a colorpop drink.It may be interpreted that the drink as a student’s companion through long nights. Likewise, most of their posts often carry the theme of sports as they sponsor most sports. An example can be seen when football players are shown holding the cola product.
The company has capitalized on an asset that is invaluable known as the brand community. Many companies always assumption that branded communities are campaigns that are short-term and created only to foster sales, instead of building a real community that emphases on the needs of consumers and building a relationship with them.
The company is successful in interrelating with its branded community by concentrating on nurturing dialogues of customers instead of brand goals that are short-term brand goals such as the volume of sales. A good example is from their introduction of customer loyalty program and application. Through the application, their clients can often earn points and redeem them for prizes such as exclusive events and tickets for concerts. The company, therefore, supports the branded community through creation for a platform in which the community can interact and also sponsor social events in consumers who are loyal can connect.
Automated answers. The most impotent factor in consumer branding is to give a human touch to the conversation on social media. The brand has however failed to put proper replies to questions asked by the community. An example is their game on Facebook. There are complaints that the game is not functioning however correctly. Instead, the company has employed the same means of automatic response to answer the community.
Brand Protection. One of the major weakness of the company is a lack of brand protection on social media. For example, there have been many boycotts on social media about the product, but the brand is not taking any measure to correct the situation. Continuation of the problem may lead to reduced sales of their products.
Negatively incongruent content. The company has made some media mistake in the past that has damaged the reputation of the brand. For example, they have created and promoted content that is negatively incongruent. An example was the campaign that depicted calorie committing various acts of suicides. The campaigns spread quickly in the social media with consumers vilifying the brand.
The brand should respond to its customers during times of crisis to protect the brand not just during happy times. The brand should, therefore, connect to the users who are misinformed to minimize the rate of damage to the brand.
The company should improve its Facebook success. That is because they have very many users on Facebook, but very few of them seems to like, comment or air out their views.

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