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Common Response Issues

The commercial enterprise environment is very exciting as it gives opportunity for one to exhibit a variety of talents. It is however important to observe that there are various challenges that exist such as unforeseen disaster. In the tournament that a disaster occurs in an organization, it is most possibly that most operations may be affected. It is however essential to note the most important device while making decision throughout disaster is communication tools. Technology has made verbal exchange easier hence vital to use available communication tools. Communication performs a role in helping the coordination manner while making recovery.

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In the event that a catastrophe occurs at a particular organization, it is necessary to note the best mannequin to use. The first step while making a recovery in an organisation is communication. It is important to ensure the rescue team has a clear channel of communication. The other important step that has to be factored in is coordination. In a rescue operation, it is possible to for rescuers to mix tasks which leads to time wastage. The use of coordination however plays a role in saving time wasted. Collaboration is the last factor as causes and solutions are suggested in the process.

Occurrence of a disaster in most cases is an unforeseen scenario which makes it necessary to use situational awareness. Situational awareness is being to understand what is at stake and what surrounds you. It is possible for one to predict the next outcome by using situational analysis in the process saving resources. It is also easier to make firm decisions in case a difficult decision is bound to be made. The decision making process is difficult although with clear communication it is possible.

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