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Communication and Informational Report

Banks are offering a number of services worldwide. By ensuring the flow of finance in the nation, they help develop a country's economy. My duties in the branch of the Salah Eldin road are done by the Islamic Bank of Dubai. The bank owners are investors who agreed to buy stock in the bank. The institution has been operating since 1975. The main aim of its establishment was to give its customers financial services. Mudaraba is a product whose description is a collaboration with another organization. The goods and services offered by the bank are a partner. Both firms plan to invest at a set margin. Musharika requires the bank to participate in financing projects and awards itself by sharing the returns. Ijara is a contract that involves the lessor and lessee whereby the bank agrees to lease the property to another party and in return receives lease rentals. Other products are trade services, Sukuk, Murabaha, and Istisna. The bank also offers transaction banking, real estate and contracting finance services (Dhahiri, Al-Khamiri, and Al-Hamli, 2003).

It is true that talent is inborn and it only requires a person to discover his or her ability and ensure that he utilizes the skills accordingly. Similarly, it is possible for an individual to go to school and pursue his passionate course. I chose to study banking and finance which was my dream career. I specialized in Islamic banking where I developed new skills of handling money and accounting for the receipts in the bank. Customer care was among the units I encountered as I progressed with my studies to higher levels. My tutor showed me the best way to ensure business growth, and that begins with the reception of any enterprise. Wilson (2013) provides that the customer is the king who requires much attention to recommend a product from any institution. After achieving the relevant skills, I managed to secure a fulltime job at the Islamic Bank of Dubai. The employment made a turn around to my life. It was time to put my academic skills to practical skills. My work was at the front office as a customer care. Various activities allocated to me included ensuring that I disseminate relevant information to customers who visit the bank. The info was rooted on account opening, relaying necessary information about the products and services of the company. The tasks defined by the opportunity created an image of an able teller and accountant. My role was to respond to the inquiries made by the customers either through telephone or those that availed themselves to the counter. Most of the customers gather information regarding savings, business, loans, mobile, and internet banking (Wilson, 2013). To be a customer care person it only requires a person to be very humble. Public relations skills is an added advantage to the relevant course undertaken. Therefore, a person must have sufficient knowledge of the products and services the company is dealing in.

In conclusion, I have gained a diversified experienced in various fields where the bank involves itself. In the investment sector, I have generated sufficient ideas that can change a little money into huge funds. I am capable of differentiating the business from the loans accounts. The experience I have in dealing with the clients gives a mileage in attracting more clients and retain those that already exist.


Dhahiri, M., Al-Khamiri, M., and Al-Hamli, S. [2003], “Islamic banking and finance: A new alternative and opportunity,” unpublished manuscript, American University of Sharjah, 2003

Wilson, R. (2013). The development of Islamic finance in the gulf cooperation council states. The Transformation of the Gulf: Politics, Economics and the Global Order, 146, 47-76.

August 09, 2021

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