Communication Vs the Inability to Connect With Others

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Only when afterlife contact is normal will people be able to live in peace, harmony, and love. Physical realm techniques, such as speech or movement, have been used to connect and communicate with one another. As a consequence, the biggest impediment to becoming a possibility is the tension between contact and the failure to form relationships with other people.
'Hills Like White Elephants,' by Ernest Hemingway.
Hills Like White Elephants author uses metaphors to represent the tension that exists in his story between contact and the inability to bond with others. In the narrative, a white elephant symbolizes an item or something that nobody is in need of or wants which in this narrative is the Jig's unborn child (Hemingway 12). The girl gives the descriptions in the introduction of the story showing that the hills resemble white elephant appears to be a causal remark, but however serves as a segue for both of them to talk about their baby and the option of having the abortion. Even though the 'Hills Like White Elephants' is majorly a dialogue that subsists between two people, the American Man and his girlfriend, none of them can speak justly with one another. Hence, that lack of just communication is showing the rift and inability to bond with one another. Both the American man and Jig are talking, but neither of them is listening and rather understanding the points hammered by either (Hemingway 14). Jig's failure to speak Spanish language with the bartender, besides, not only shows her reliance on her partner but as well shows the difficulties she articulates to other people that eventually make them avoid her, therefore no bonding. Symbolically comparing the baby to the white elephants as well qualifies the expression the elephant in the room which is used as a euphemism for a thing that is painfully apparent that nobody wants to talk about.
In essence, the divergence about abortion is a challenge that faces society presently. The architectural and impressive symbolism is used in this narrative to set the mood and depict the way human experience conflict between communication and inability to connect with other people. For instance, the bond of love that exists between Jig and the American man is strong, though, as that happens it makes the bond between the girl and her unborn child get scared(Hemingway 17). With regards to human history, long ago human society was full of moral and ethical values. Regrettably, they have all but faded away, and that is what contributes to such conflict between communication and prevalence in the inability to bond ethically with one another. Hemingway captures this inability and uses it to manipulate the imagination of the audience by creating symbolism that depicts dominant and raw-edged emotional conflict between the two. Through using the landscape symbolically, the author can expose the reader into the human condition without giving them a prior hint of what it is about(19). For instance, a perfect example is the use of hot and dry atmospheric condition is used symbolically to show the mood in history and communicate a situation of tension not only between the two primary characters but also to the readers.
Joyce's 'Araby.'
Although James Joyce's narrative Araba is narrated in the first person perspective of a young character and thus does not give the audience the impression that the boy is the one telling the story. But rather the narrator appears to be a man matured far beyond the experience of the narrative. The man talks about his youthful hopes, frustrates and desires. If a boy's mind had reorganized the events of the story for the audience (Joyce 9). Given that it is the man instead of the boy who recounts the experience a cynical view is depicted regarding the emotional and mental status of the boy. Even though the boy yearns for the love he is unable to communicate rather talk about it, and that denies him the chance to bond with his desired love. It is only an adult that is glancing back at the promising hopes of the foolish blood as well as the resultant annihilation constructs this ironic viewpoint (Joyce 13). However, the narrator constantly maintains compassion to his youthful anguish he as well communicates his insensitivity of his prior idealistic vision of beauty.
In his short but complex narrative, Joyce focuses on character instead of the plot to bring out the ironies regarding self-depiction which at one point shows the boy's expedition for the ideal. The quest eventually ends in disappointment, however, ends up in inner awareness and breakup of his inability to communicate and bond with others as he graduates to manhood (Joyce 19). The boy's experience is not limited to youthful experience with his first love rather the author uses irony to portray the boy's continued problem through his entire life, the inability of his actualizing his ideas due to lack of expressive mode of communication as one would wish to be in the bleakness of reality.
Carver's 'Cathedral.'
In Cathedral the same issue of communication vs. inability to connect with other people. The author employs the use of a first 'person narrator to present the narration to the audience. Carvers do so to emphasize the confusing phases of the transcendent periods which conform with the thesis of this paper (Carver 14). The unmentioned narrator is depicted as self-absorbed given that he is concerned only with the manner in which Robert's visit will influence him and dismissive of what responsibility would have performed in the past life of his wife. Due to lack of proper communication and openness, the narrator is portrayed as an individual who does not have self-awareness (Carver 156). He sympathizes with Robert's wife because the husband is not in a better position to take good care of her, the husband cannot have a glimpse of her, not knowing that he is not really aware of the actual traits and experience of his life despite the fact that he can actually see her in person. Consequently, this brings a rift between communication and attachment between him and his wife (Carver 167). The narrator has formed some barriers given that he does not want to be just in his communication but rather filled with jealous insecurity in which he suggests that the relationship that is between them is not as stable as it ought to be.
Conclusively, it is so interesting to note that, people are often afraid to embrace or face the communication challenges that they encounter and that is why work hard to stay in their heads. Understanding how people experience conflict between communication and inability to bond with everyone when it comes to discussing life issues. Therefore, understanding each other is a fundamental step when it comes to establishing and maintaining a fit relationship.

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