Companies Increase in Turnover Cases

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The growing turnover of workers in businesses is an ongoing issue in the news headlines of the last year. Many workers switch from one organization to another in search of jobs and encouragement. In an article by Ann Fisher it is reported that high employees' turnover currently affects the labor market (Fisher, 2016). The Maschusetts Mutual-Life Insurance Corporation is the leading company in the Fortune 500 market crisis. Google, AFLAC, Amazon, and Coca Cola are other businesses found to have encountered similar market circumstances (Fisher, 2016). One component of this change is the concentration in the retail and information technology sectors. It is also clear that the shift is associated with the fact that most of the millennial have different perception of employment as their parents did. Companies like Amazon have put effort in enhancing employee experience to ensure that the turnover rates are minimized. The company provides higher remuneration and considers decentralized decision making to include employees.

In an article, Why Are So Many Zappos Employees Leaving? By Lam Bourree indicated that there is a rising turnover cases at the Zappos Company. In 2015, the turnover rate of the company was 30%, with the impact still felt on the following year (Lam¸ 2016). This trend had been associated with the company’s management system where there was a lot of hierarchy in its structure. This prevented the participation of lower-level employees in the decision making processes (Lam, 2016). The article reveals that a common cause of turnover cases in an organization is the poor leadership and organizational culture. In instances where employees are excluded from the company’s management, they may opt for other companies where they feel part of the processes.


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October 20, 2021
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